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  1. winghaz: No :censored:ing clue what he's talking about; F.
  2. The Mets will pay for doing a horrible imitation of the Chop when they celebrated the NL East title like they broke down the Berlin Wall. Kinda like how the jays paid for that imitation of the chop in '92? What happened after that? Playoffs since then? (post Joe Carter miracle) Kelly Gruber mocks Atlanta chop, Jays win World Series twice in the 12½ months that follow. You can't ignore that Here's something you can't ignore: We've won our division since then. How bout your Jays? (Also, you're egg-sucking Canadians, you automatically lose at everything)
  3. Okay, after watching the first duel race, that's where I'd start. Mike Bliss 4 EVA!
  4. I don't see how Will's suggestion's have anything to do with this. By my interpretation, Will's not trying to modify the character of the races themselves, just trying to better uphold the league integrity and create a more interesting points system. I wasn't slanting will. I was slanting all the crap NASCAR's doing now. I thought the topic meant we could suggest our own, not just praise will's.
  5. And yeah, while we're at it, let's make the walls padded with rubber and make sure none of the cars will damage each other. I know, let's just make it glorified bumper cars! NASCAR's supposed to be a tough race, not driving down the interstate.
  6. Hate to break Tank's little heart, but the Mets ain't gonna win the East this year. It's time to get out the tomahawks.
  7. Yeah, so they can get another expansion team and move to the beautiful city of East Chicago, Indiana. Hey, if Oklahoma City can get an NBA team, then what's stopping anyone?
  8. So how long until it becomes ESPN on ABC Television Studio? Shut up, you were all thinking it.
  9. Goddamn it. Why don't we just sell the Falcons to Jerry Jones while we're at it.
  10. "Hi, my name is Pete Carroll, I'm looking for the inters--" San Diego Chargers:"Oh my god! You're hired!" "No, I'm just looki--" San Diego Chargers: "For a team to coach to the Super Bowl, well here you go!" "No, you don't understand, I coach USC and I'm looking for some little dinky place called "San Dye ee go" they have a college here or something." Chargers: "Oh don't worry about that! We're the Chargers!" "Oh? So you're named after that :censored:ty NFL team?" Chargers: "... So when can you start?"
  11. Is there another league that plays Arena Football at the level they do?