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  1. amazing concepts, love the Netherlands one. Where can I find those templates?
  2. JCC

    Colorado Avalanche

    Here's an update.
  3. JCC

    Colorado Avalanche

    Here's a Colorado Avalanche concept,tell me what you guys think.
  4. JCC

    Global Hockey

    I'll take Montréal.
  5. Here's a hurricanes concept, tell me what you think.
  6. I like it, but ''royeaux'' is not a french word, we say ''royaux''.
  7. JCC

    Florida Panthers concept

    updated, tell me what you think about it.
  8. Here's a florida panthers concept. C&C please!
  9. Here are some throwback jerseys I've made. C&C please. Boston Bruins 1956-57 Calgary Flames 1980-81 Chicago Blackhawks 1940-41 Los Angeles Kings 1967-68
  10. nike_jc08@hotmail.com thanks in advance
  11. Heres a Carolina Hurricanes concept. C&C please Buffalo Sabres
  12. JCC

    NHL Redesign

    next teams : minnesota wild or calgary flames colors: anaheim ducks orange, montreal canadiens red , new york rangers blue, white
  13. JCC

    NHL Redesign

    I'll take the islanders
  14. JCC

    NHL Redesign

    next : Canucks or Bruins using the Carolina Hurricanes Red , the Atlanta Thrashers Light Blue , the Pittsburgh Penguins Yellow