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  1. Looks promising...i htink the biggest mistake SD made was not including the numbers on helmets....maybe there's a league rule against it now or something, but i doubt it.
  2. Though I'd wager that Duece won't be part of any sort of championship building....I think the Saints would look good in these. Updated in a new style, but they don't look like they should be in the AFL....I dig on these; great job.
  3. This is somewhat true. Just like the 12 team NFL playoff didn't really show us what team was REALLY the best last season. NFL didn't get to just pull the Pats and Cowboys and throw them into the big one, did they? The 2006 World Champion Detroit Tigers have leased out the World Series trophy to the 13th best team in baseball that year. That 8 team playoff didn't come close to giving its championship to the team that was best for 162...just to the team that played well enough over the last 20 or so. How many #1 overall seeded teams have won the NCAA basketball tournament? Should they stop the season right now and put Pitt and Duke in the championship? Fact of the matter is, the team or two that performs the best during the regular season doesn't always win it all. I'd guess that they don't win it more often than they do. Should all playoffs be done away with?
  4. glad to see that you've still ommited to the indian- even if changing. I can dig on this but not sure how I like the cream bar cutting the white....don't know that it contrasts enough.
  5. I like the idea, but...why do you have a moose in the "Bucks" logo and then Elk as the rest of the logo? While it's funny that the proper animals were not used....I can't believe no one pulled out that te color is most certainly not the old broncos blue.
  6. Looks more like a 3 that fell over and got hurt and abunny to me
  7. So I have decided to take control and have startred a school wide petition to "Boycot The B". I started the petition yesturday and in less then 24 hours I have 94 signatures. (We have about 1000 Students) The following statement is on the peition: We, the students of Beaver Brae, no longer want the ?B? logo to be our main logo. We have no issue with it as a secondary/alternate logo however we would like our school to be better represented with a logo that is more artistic, as well as something all students will take pride in. The logo we believe will better represent us is the Boise State logo that has its own ?Beaver Brae? touches added to it. Sincerely, The Students of Beaver Brae Nothing says mad uproar like almost 10% of people pissed about something! And nothing says something that you'll take tons of school pride in like rehashing a stolen logo.
  8. Without doubt the better uniform..........'Pep looks downright skinny compared to what I saw today.
  9. With that smile (grimmace?) it kinda looks like maybe you photoshopped out whatever he was railing.
  10. I think if you're going to modify the piping/striping....just ditch it altogether- don't go take it from a school thatmodified the version it took from you.
  11. ...and that man is Boomer Esiason. Look it up, He has better career numbers. So does Kenny Anderson for that matter. There's more to being a legend than just stats. Boomer never wore a fur coat on the sidelines or tried to kiss Suzy Kolber. Also that little thing called Super Bowl III. No one's EVER taken something every athlete in the world does further! I'm sure there were 20 Broncos saying they were going to stun the 49ers in the Super Bowl....just like there were plenty saying they'd beat the Packers. Once they were more than a little wrong- and once they were dead on....when a guy the likes of a Shannon Sharpe talks he's a brash jerk- but this guy and his 17 of 28 for for 206 go down in history?? Credit in this game goes to defense and Matt Snell. There IS more to being a legend than just stats....
  12. more sad then weird. I think both sad and weird and I'd question the "not really a legend"....IF a kicker CAN be a legend...he's up pretty high on the list.
  13. nolegboy

    Falcons Concept

    ditch the black jerseys and you've got a HUGE winner...
  14. REALLY wish Allensworth was still on the Jackhammers..
  15. Sure! Just let me know how you want that laid-out...I.E. like the Marlins and Cubs with all 3 jerseys represented, like the Red Sox with just home and roads, all alts, or just one of the other. Just let me know and it'll get done! Take it and run....have fun and do it however you'd like. Please just be sure to not leave out the 4 pitchers throwing complete games in the playoffs
  16. boy- these are cool looking....since you've got a cubs team that hasn't done anything- any chance of a 2005 White Sox set?
  17. LOVE the burgandy....REALLY like the incorporation of the blue....but I think the blue outline looks a little forced- it's be okay to leave it out, imo.
  18. I think it looks absolutely dreadful. Something tells me that people might know it's the Finals without the gaudy, out of place, trophy.
  19. AMEN! You have to question how something THIS bad gets greenlighted. If you took a poll of people I'd imagine 90% would consider this a downgrade...and 10% would be blind and have no opinion.
  20. No, the Pistons used the teal...its either Photoshopped or the camera had an error in lighting. Didn't they keep the logo/ numbers on those uni's and switch back to the "typical" Pistons colors for a bit before bringing back the old school look?
  21. Love it.... I'm a big fan of the cartoon bird and hate the current.... I like how you kind of bridged the two...bird could use a little work- but everything else is pretty sweet
  22. I'm surprised no one's ever thought of that before!
  23. It's cool but it makes me think of Hawkman:
  24. i like the bengals one....looks like it'd work for LSU