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  1. These are great. My one suggestion is that on the home uniform, the "shadow" effect applied to the wordmark muddies up the text a bit. It doesn't look like it would work well on a real uniform. But all in all, great concept.
  2. Can someone help me with the font Barack Obama has been using with his campaign? (as seen here)
  3. The striping on the most recent one is a step up, however I would ditch the HAMILTON on both sides. Oh, and it's palette, not pallette.
  4. Originally the alts were coming in february (I think) and were going to be introduced through an Allen Iverson jersey giveaway at home. With the trade, I don't know what they're gonna do. EDIT: The Sixers website lists March 2 as an "Andre Miller Red Jersey night," which suggests the new alts will debut then.
  5. Wow. These designs are awesome. (Especially the fake vintage logo) I don't actually see any difference between the two primaries though?
  6. If there was any doubt before... "ALLEN IVERSON RED KIDS JERSEY NIGHT (courtesy of Dodge): vs. Memphis, Friday, March 2 As the Sixers sport their brand new, red alternate jerseys in 2006-07, the first 5,000 kids ages 12 and younger through the gates when the Sixers host the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday, March 2, will receive a red Allen Iverson replica jersey. The promotional item, sponsored by Dodge, will bear the seven-time All-Star?s No. 3." From Sixers.Com
  7. Yes! Justice to the Eagles at 39! I would have been happy if they had picked him at 14, but with both Justice and Bunkley, this draft looks good for the Eagles!
  8. So about 13 months ago I did this concept for the Mighty Ducks. Then I forgot about it. Yesterday I found it on my computer. My first reaction was Anyways, I cleaned it up and here it is. Bye bye teal, hello purple and yellow! I eliminated the script logo for the interlocking "MD" mark. IF anyone has any C&C it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I see only three things wrong with the new unis. 1. The collar. Whose idea was it to cut the collar off? it looks tacky and stupid. 2. The pants. From these pics, they look hideous, especially when poorly matched with the side striping on the tops. 3. The trim in the back. Why does it come to a point? Silly... But with all that in mind, this is still a good update. The horns tie in with the helmet perfectly, and look nice. Just the right amount of yellow, no unnecessary black, and plenty of purple. This will be great to see in action.
  10. Whoa, these are tight! Can you make a Flyers one with the 3D logo, por favor?
  11. Wow starchild! This is an excellent concept. I think you should go wih the shorts with the stars at home.
  12. No, I don't think so. The one with the proper "corn" Pops name is their old box, which I imagine is being phased out for the box on the right of the pcture.
  13. I'm impressed. These are nowhere near as bad as Arizona or Cincinnatti.
  14. This looks sweet, but what does the "Sportsman's Park" mean on the columns? Have they picked a name already?
  15. I'm glad everyone picked up on the sarcasm...
  16. The two alts are the best IMHO, but much better then the '05 monstrosities.
  17. They look real happy in those... things
  18. DarthMan

    NHL Concepts

    Those flyers ones are awesome, esp the liberty bell logo. Very creative on all of these!
  19. Thats a step up from the others, at least. It actually looks pretty neat.
  20. That sounds like the Ducks all right... BTW Chirs how do you get copyright stuff like that?
  21. Ford Field has copperplate outside-- I'll look for aa pic
  22. To me, the 3D flyers logo can only work with a light color like white or orange. I did a white concept like this once... I"ll see if i can find it
  23. I don't like hte way the blue and green mix. I think the logo is too plain AS A PRIMARY but it is great as a cap logo. The wordmark is good-- use it on the uni! A great logo-- the uniform needs work. Too plain, too much white.
  24. Wow- the orange loks great and the jerseys looks sweet! Great job Cole
  25. I sure don't like the sound of this... mostly because ther is absolutely no proof! Give me proof and I'll believe this.