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  1. They both have the word Vegas in them. I'd say that's where the similarities end.
  2. Here's the Clemson wallpaper we do every year. You can download using the link below... http://harley-creative.com/2016-clemson-football-wallpaper/
  3. We recreated this one at CLC a few years ago. We pulled a lot of the old marks we created from the Vault books by Whitman Publishing. This is one of those marks. You'll find it somewhere in this book. Nike had nothing to do with it.
  4. Petty sure Rickabaugh did those, not Joe.
  5. There were various reasons why some schools weren't included. Some opted not to participate, others weren't asked, and some just didn't have the assets to put a style guide together.
  6. I worked on a lot of these marks while at CLC. It was a daunting task to say the least. A lot of these marks were taken from the College Vault books by Whitman Publishing, as well as a number of other resources. Some of them we just flat out made up. I think by the time I left we had recreated nearly 2000 marks for the College Vault program. If you like this kind of stuff, those books are gems.
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