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  1. I love the coloring and general idea of the Detroit logo. The cougar is great conceptually, fits in with the general theme we have going here in Detroit. But, I agree that it looks sort of out of place on the crest. At least in its current configuration. Maybe just a head?
  2. HOLY . THAT'S AWESOME!! I love the Whalers, even though I'm a Detroiter and didn't know they existed until they didn't anymore. I have a picture of me, Pat Verbeek, and the Stanley Cup. I love it.
  3. Anyone got a pic of the field stenciling?
  4. Um. Wow. I can't believe any team did this bad a job. They decided to use that for an NBA team? Really?
  5. Michigan State, but I'm sure that's locational bias.
  6. Very, very nice. I'm really really liking this. Modern looking scorebug, without looking ugly or looking like an attempt ad modernity for modernity's sake. My one thing, where it says "1 Out", it looks a little squished. The height-to-width proportion of the letters looks off to me. Great job!
  7. I'm just really amused that Saturday's Michigan/Utah game will feature two teams that have just switched away from Nike. Take that!
  8. I made a similar suggestion in the NBA changes thread, but, remember last year when the first post in this thread was a list of all the teams and links to pictures of their new jerseys and logos? Could someone maybe do that when alts and other new logos start coming out? Obviously, you wouldn't need it for all teams, but, it'd be cool. Right now ASM has first post, and he might be willing to do it, but, if not, a mod could move a volunteer to first post so they could do it. (I'd volunteer but I spend the next 4 weeks without computer access, which is how I've spent the last five.)
  9. Can anyone make this like last year's NHL thread where the first post was an easy reference to all changes being made? Just a list of teams, and next to every team, links to pictures of thier new logos or unis. I'd be happy to maintain it if I wasn't disappearing to Wawa, ON for 4 weeks (I just came back from 5 weeks there) (Working at a little wilderness camp. We don't have electricity, let alone the internet). A mod would need to either continually edit the first post or move a post by a volunterring non-mod to first post.
  10. well, of course the away uni is going to be different. it has to be, it was on a nike template. and of course its going to be much different from the home. it has to be, or else it'd just be a white jersey with blue lettering, which would be terrible. But, the "player" source seemed to be suggesting both would be different.
  11. Beautiful. And they have the adidas tagging, so, I imagine those are them. Can you get a screenshot of the aways?
  12. Get rid of the diamonds. All of them. They look really, really arbitrary. Don't go monochromatic. Try switching up the pants a bit. Black pants with the white jersey would look alright. Even try grey pants with both jerseys. Get rid of the yellows. Pants, jerseys, helmet, just, get rid of it all. Use the logo on the grey helmet on all the helmets. In fact, you can attempt just using the grey helmet. Those are my tips.
  13. I still think the adidas jerseys won't be as bad as the nike ones. Really. A few things: 1. I refuse to believe anyone (who's not a well respected long tenured member who I've come to trust) who just sort of quotes "a player". Especially because, as someone said, if they were changing the home jerseys, there would be players just as upset about the break in tradition as the fans would be. 2. Adidas doesn't use Nike templates. Adidas doesn't really do intense piping. Why would they start now? 3. The last Michigan sporting event is June 14th (track). So, we'll probably see the uniforms very shortly after that.
  14. There's no way they get away with changing the home jerseys. They know that. They're not stupid. And Bill Martin/Mary Sue Coleman would never allow it. And, someone said this, but WV is a Nike school. They can't look that much like WV.
  15. Eww. I like the Wings because they always mess up apparel companies by not having a third team color. So they use black.