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  1. I would imagine that somewhere in the current Nike/Jordan contract they get the option to match any offer from another company. Much like a restricted free-agent in football or another sport. With that being said, there is no way that UNC will be leaving Nike/Jordan in any foreseeable future. The Tar Heels are Nike's bread and butter now that Miami left to go to Adidas. I do look for Under Armour to land a lot more big name schools in the next year or so. Getting Notre Dame was huge and they have jumped Adidas as the number two apparel/uniform supplier for college athletics.
  2. I know the women's basketball team they sent were a collection of all-stars so I wondering why the men's team isn't chosen in a similar fashion.USA Basketball passed it off to Basketball Travellers, a company who organizes summer tours for college teams. They decided to concentrate on two other summer tournaments: the FIBA U19 and PanAm Games. Exactly. Plus they won for the first time in a decade so there no reason to complain. As a side note the Jayhawks were joined by a SMU Point guard Nic Moore. ...and Florida Gulf Coast's Julian DeBose.
  3. I've followed this quite a bit (being a Kansas alum) and I was actually shocked that they were allowed to where the "Kansas" jerseys to begin with. Adidas made these uniforms special for the tournament and I'm almost certain they had to be signed of by USA Basketball and/or FIBA. Seeing that Cal State Fullerton's baseball team had to do the same thing makes me wonder if there was a new rule change or someone at FISU (International University Sports Federation) that didn't make things clear to the schools.
  4. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the fact that the Denver Broncos unretired Frank Tripucka's number 18 for Peyton Manning when he signed as a free-agent in 2012. I like the idea of just honoring the number or recognizing the player rather the all-out retiring and taking the number out of rotation. Otherwise you'll end up like the Boston Celtics are now with players wearing non-traditional jersey numbers. (I'm not a fan of numbers above 55 or that contain a 6, 7, 8 or 9)
  5. The Kansas Jayhawks have historically had similar uniforms to the New York Giants. It's been like that for years too. Especially seen with their helmets.
  6. I'm interested if there are still spot available.
  7. 1 - Eastern Michigan (Very clean design that was well executed, really like the team slogan inside the collar) 2 - Cincinnati (Another clean design with added style via the claw marks. Also liked the team slogan inside the collar and the anthracite jerseys) 3 - Tulsa (Really like the hurricane flags usage on the helmet and pants stripes) 4 - Memphis (I'm not usually one that likes the tiger stripe pattern, but for Memphis it just works) 5 - San Diego State (Favorite element was the helmet gradient. I could definitely see SDSU using this style) Honorable Mentions: Middle Tennessee State (Probably would've been in the top 3 had it not been for the jersey numbers not being the same on the front and back) Toledo (Really like the dark helmet, however that logo isn't ever seen sans wordmark that I could come across)
  8. I would be interested in doing this.
  9. Does anyone know if this is a unique logo or if it is just a re-colorization of some other logo? The edges make me think it is a unique logo but it could be a cheap vectorized version too.
  10. That's hideous. The only way this bowl gets worse is if Maryland plays Kansas and they each wear one of their several hundred ridiculous costumes. Kansas won't make it so you're safe. At least partially. Kansas has scrapped all their wild costumes since Clint Bowen took over. He was an assistant on the 2008 Orange Bowl team and they are going back to uniform combinations similar to that season. As an alum, I like this move 100%. Their "Crimson Chrome" costume was hideous.
  11. I originally thought these would be the new KU jerseys but I'm starting to think otherwise. I was at a coaching clinic last week and saw one of the uniform reps had this jersey on display. While I didn't go up and talk to him, I find it hard to believe that the rep would be displaying a jersey the university hasn't even released yet. I think is just a mockup of their new jersey style and have used Kansas to show they are an adidas school. Also, looking at their latest catalog, it appears they don't offer the style of jersey the Jayhawks wear anymore so that may be another reason. They have a really awful pewter/grey Kansas jersey here (
  12. The Kansas Jayhawks for years have based their jerseys off of the New York Giants, helmets included. http://www.nationalc...Kansas_OLD3.gif http://www.nationalc...Giants_OLD5.gif The Iowa Hawkeyes have done the same with the Pittsburgh Steelers as previously posted for a long time.
  13. It looks like they put a floating basketball floor at the 50 yard line then put up curtains to provide a background for the shooters. Playing basketball inside a dome isn't uncommon. For many years the Spurs played in the AlamoDome as well as the 2008 Final Four. I've actually been to a football game and basketball game at the Alamo Dome. (1998 Alamo Bowl, Purdue vs Kansas State and 2008 Final Four, Kansas, Memphis, North Carolina & UCLA)
  14. Gold - #6 Silver - #1 Bronze - #9