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  1. Also, use a ruler if you have one. I would recommend making a jersey template to use for every uni you draw. That way, it will look neater. I would make the concepts larger like someone previously said. Draw the logos on one page (copy/ printer paper)as well as the uniforms on a separate page. Last but not least, take your time!
  2. I read on the Outlaws facebook page that the jerseys were custom made and were auctioned off after the game. Makes sense since there wasn't an AFL shield on the collar. I am curious to see how many different helmet/uniform combinations this team is going to have.
  3. Here is a website with all the logos.
  4. Here is Montreal and Tampa Bay.
  5. Here is Minnesota's 3rd jersey.
  6. Here are 4 more. Enjoy!
  7. I haven't posted any of my recent drawings lately. Figure I would share some.
  8. I see what you mean. It does make sense though since the nails would be on the other side of those legs. We wouldn't see them with the way the bear is standing.
  9. Here is a cool vid of the Bears and the new logos at the end.
  10. The only reason I said anything is that these look like the ones Colorwerx posted on here a couple years ago and those were in excellent quality.
  11. When I looked at the AF2 logos that were updated, some look kind of blurry while a few others are clean and sharp. Is it my computer or have other people noticed this? Thanks!
  12. I have been drawing stuff for over 15 years. I mostly draw arena logos/helmets/jerseys but I also draw NHL logos. I just started drawing nhl jerseys. Everything is hand drawn and I use color pencils. Let me know what you think and enjoy!
  13. Those look really sharp, especially that penguins logo. You should do a series I have a Coyotes jersey in the works. I am planning on making all 30 NHL teams either a home or away for each.
  14. Morgo, I really like what you are doing here. Well done. I love drawing jerseys and such as well. I have completed 2 jerseys of the NHL. The template I made and I draw everything. My link