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  1. Rochester, NY could be the host for the Buffalo Bills.
  2. The Vikings should have a minor league team in Des Moines, Iowa.
  3. Or the Des Moines Raccoons.... Des Moines has two rivers that flows through the city named 'Des Moines' and 'Raccoon'
  4. I really don't see why not? Maybe in his little "world," the AFL doesn't exist. Instead of the AFL, the players goes to the minors. Wouldn't the players rather play in a league that is affiliated with the NFL and play by their rules and etc etc?
  5. Iowa Barnstormers. Period.
  6. nice thread here! pretty cool logos here and there. I'm curious: how do you decide where the teams/schools will be located?
  7. Crap. I forgot to put West Virginia in the original 25-team post that I made recently. So it'll have to stay with a 25-team, 5-division structure. However, I could probably omit Kansas, since they now have a MLS team in Kansas.
  8. Hmm....Iowa Storm sounds TOO WNBA to me. I think there actually was a team called the Seattle Storm in WNBA. I could be wrong tho, but out of the names you listed, I'd prefer the Tbirds. I think it was actually me who suggested the name in the first place.
  9. A 25-team league for the 25 states that has no major sports team (most likely basketball) Northeast: Vermont New Hampshire Maine Connecticut Rhode Island East: Delaware South Carolina Virginia Kentucky North: Iowa South Dakota North Dakota Wyoming Nebraska South: Arkansas Mississippi Alabama Kansas New Mexico West: Alaska Hawaii Montana Idaho Nevada
  10. just caught up reading the entire thread. GREAT JOB!! Loving all of the concepts (especially the updated ones). Some of my particular favorites are the ones with the helmets that's like the Vikings, Eagles, Rams, etc. Those teams where they actually show off the helmet as a logo itself, not just slapping a logo on the side and call it a day. I'm curious, how did you decide on which city to pick/use for your league? Like why did you pick that city while another city didn't get a team?
  11. One of the main reasons why I'm asking this is because I'm not sure which name would be better on the away uniforms and the home uniforms.
  12. So my friend and I were talking about and coming up with a few team concepts (mostly for baseball) using our friends names as team names. But we've run into a little argument (not heated, just more of a formal disagreement) on which first/last name should be home/away. I think our first name should be the team name, while our last name should be the location (city/state) name. Like for example (John Smith is the name), Smith would be the city, John would be the team nickname. My reason: John is from the Smith's, while John is a given name. My friend has the opposite idea: John is the location name, while Smith is the nickname. His reason: pretty straightforward, John is the first name=city, Smith is the second name=nickname. What do you guys think?
  13. Just a suggestion for your presentation idea: I've always loved the first screen that I see when I open up the NHL GameCenter on my iPhone: Just an idea. Could find a generic nba arena and put it near the top, while using the "hardwoord floors" on the bottom to display the team logos by divisions or whatever.
  14. Hey just caught up on this thread. All of your updates looks great to me! I really think it's amazing that you want to focus on those logos before moving onto the new teams. I think that is the appropriate way to approach designs work in the real world. Nothing is EVER final the first/second/third/etc time. I've always loved the Connecticut Spirit, Jacksonville Hammerheads and Tampa Tropics. Especially Tampa. I usually like how a team use a "region" name instead of the typical city/state name (new england, golden state, etc etc) Can't wait to see the new teams (hopefully Iowa will be one of them :-P) I do have another idea, maybe you should put all of the teams logos on one picture/map and maybe have a little write up on each team in one post/picture (or even start up a mini-website if you know how to). I suggested that because that way, some of the newer followers can see all of your work in one place instead of looking through 45+ pages. Just an idea.
  15. reading this thread got me thinking about mlb realingment. Here's my plan if MLB decided to scrap this whole AL-NL thing and realigned the league based on geography, assuming there are no "historical" rivalries or whatever. It's like MLB completely started ALL OVER again or start anew. NORTHEAST Toronto Blue Jays Boston Red Sox New York Mets New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies EAST Detroit Tigers Cleveland Indians Pittsburgh Pirates Baltimore Orioles Washington Nationals CENTRAL Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Brewers St. Louis Cardinals SOUTHEAST Atlanta Braves Houston Astros Miami Marlins Tampa Bay Rays Texas Rangers WEST Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins Seattle Mariners PACIFIC Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Dodgers Oakland Athletics San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants I know the West Division doesn't make sense, but imo, it makes more sense to keep the five California teams in one division.