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  1. SDSU actually wore the same look around 96-97 except instead of "AZTECS" it read "SDSU"
  2. For tonight's game against crosstown rival USD.
  3. Found this jersey a week ago for $25 at Burlington. It's my first Fanatics jersey and I don't think the quality is bad.
  4. If you're into sneakers always check the Rack. I've found a bunch of sneakers including Air Jordan 1's, 2012's, Air Much Uptempos, and Air Max's and the most I've paid was $50.
  5. I found this Starter Bruce Smith Bills jersey for $7
  6. The only jersey that I do wear casually is an SDSU Basketball jersey.
  7. I don't have a lot of game worn stuff, but I do have some San Diego State jerseys, and practice gear from their annual garage sale, and I have a Shigitoshi Hasegawa Anaheim Angels jersey from 2001 that has the American Flag patch behind the neck over the MLB patch for 9/11.
  8. Technically not in the LA Area, but the Coachella Valley is home to the CV Arabs and their rival Indio High School Rajahs. This is because of the dates that are grown here. A couple of years ago there was someone on the east coast who was offended by the CV mascot and as a compromise they changed their name to the "Mighty Arabs"
  9. My local stores sound like your stores. I've purchased a couple of caps, and there have been some decent sneakers on the shelves but there hasn't been much in terms of jerseys. I think the last jerseys I saw there were Sacramento Kings swingman and a screened. I forgot who was on the swingman but the screened was Jimmer Fredette.
  10. Honestly I am so jealous of you. I've wanted that Gretzky jersey so bad for so long (I am a Blues fan). I can't believe you got that for $10, incredible. I know you already declined selling that previous jersey asked about, is there any way you would be willing to sell that Gretzky? It would be awesome to discuss, thanks if so! Sorry man, I'm not selling it.
  11. My first cap was a California Angels on field cap. I bought the year the switched, and that was my start on buying caps. I wish I would have kept my caps because I also had a Mighty Ducks cap from their early days, as well as original all teal Florida Marlins on field, Arizona Diamondbacks D on field cap, and the Anaheim Angels on field caps. When they shrunk I would clean them and then donate them to Goodwill. Currently I have around 110 caps, with 40 of them in constant rotation. A couple of years ago I got rid of half of my collection, giving them to family and donating them. I try to get my caps on sale unless I really want an on field cap. My collection has on fields, fashion color caps, and covers MLB/NHL/NFL/NBA/College, as well as non sports stuff like Jordan Brand, etc. Count me in the camp for folks who take off the stickers and bend the bill.
  12. This is a ridiculously sick collection! I was curious if you would be willing to sell your Deshaun Foster jersey? If so, size and condition? Please! Thanks!! Thanks!..sorry man I'm not selling my jersey.
  13. It's not as tight as a game worn, but it does have that stretch fabric on the sides, and the cuffs
  14. Well here are my latest additions to my jersey collection Los Angeles Clippers - Adidas Swingman Road - Chris Paul #3 Los Angeles Clippers - Adidas Swingman Road - Blake Griffin #32 Miami Heat - Adidas Swingman Road - Dwyane Wade #3 The Clippers jerseys where Christmas gifts. I still haven't worn the CP3 jersey Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Majestic Home Replica Home - Kendrys Morales #8 United States Men's National Team - Nike Jacket UCLA Basketball Jacket - Mitchell & Ness I can't remember when I bought this (probably in the summer). I thought it was a steal for such a nice jacket Some Football jerseys Atlanta Falcons - Reebok Replica Alt. - Matt Ryan #2 Arizona Cardinals - Reebok Premier Home - Darnell Dockett #90 Dallas Cowboys - Nike Game Throwback - Jason Witten #82 Dallas Cowboys - Reebok Premier Home - Tony Romo #9 New York Jets - Nike Limited Home - Tim Tebow #15 Oakland Raiders - Nike Game Home - Carson Palmer #3 Oakland Raiders - Nike Game Home - Darren McFadden #20 San Diego Chargers - Reebok Replica Alt. - Ryan Mathews #24 I got the Raiders jerseys for my birthday, and like clockwork, Carson gets traded a month later. I bought Tebow for something like $30 after taxes during the summer, and the Matt Ryan I found at Ross for $3. The Darnell Dockett jersey I picked up at a sports store right outside of University Of Phoenix Stadium. It was my first game there and while we were picking up tickets at the store, I wanted to fit in and have a cool souvenir so I got the jersey and matching Arizona Cardinals cap. Love that stadium! UCLA - Adidas Replica Throwback Home - Gary Beban #16 USC - Nike Authentic Home - Joe McKnight #4 (there's a USC undershirt under the USC jersey. That's the gold that's popping out of the collar) Beijing Guoan Football Club - Nike Authentic - Blank Hangzhou Greentown Football Club - Nike Replica - Blank I found these two jerseys while on a trip to San Francisco. I found them at Ross and I think I paid $10 each Anaheim Ducks - Starter Replica Home - Blank Anaheim Ducks - Reebok Authentic Practice Jersey Orange - Blank Los Angeles Kings - Reebok Authentic Practice Jersey Gray - Blank Los Angeles Kings - Reebok Authentic Practice Jersey Black - Blank St. Louis Blues - Pro Player Replica Home - Blank The Blues and Mighty Ducks jersey were found at thrift stores. The practice jerseys were found at Marshalls.
  15. I forgot about this thread. I bought a couple of jerseys since my last posting, nothing too exciting but I will post a pic later on today of the stuff I found
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