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  1. SDSU actually wore the same look around 96-97 except instead of "AZTECS" it read "SDSU"
  2. For tonight's game against crosstown rival USD.
  3. Found this jersey a week ago for $25 at Burlington. It's my first Fanatics jersey and I don't think the quality is bad.
  4. If you're into sneakers always check the Rack. I've found a bunch of sneakers including Air Jordan 1's, 2012's, Air Much Uptempos, and Air Max's and the most I've paid was $50.
  5. I found this Starter Bruce Smith Bills jersey for $7
  6. The only jersey that I do wear casually is an SDSU Basketball jersey.
  7. I don't have a lot of game worn stuff, but I do have some San Diego State jerseys, and practice gear from their annual garage sale, and I have a Shigitoshi Hasegawa Anaheim Angels jersey from 2001 that has the American Flag patch behind the neck over the MLB patch for 9/11.
  8. Technically not in the LA Area, but the Coachella Valley is home to the CV Arabs and their rival Indio High School Rajahs. This is because of the dates that are grown here. A couple of years ago there was someone on the east coast who was offended by the CV mascot and as a compromise they changed their name to the "Mighty Arabs"
  9. My local stores sound like your stores. I've purchased a couple of caps, and there have been some decent sneakers on the shelves but there hasn't been much in terms of jerseys. I think the last jerseys I saw there were Sacramento Kings swingman and a screened. I forgot who was on the swingman but the screened was Jimmer Fredette.
  10. How much was it, what size was it, and will you go back and buy it for me? I didn't catch the price, and I probably won't won't be in the area for a couple of days, but when I get back I'll check if its still there.
  11. My local Goodwill hasn't had anything good in a while but I saw this jersey last night. I didn't buy it. Hopefully a Waterboy fan finds it
  12. The Aztec Calendar is making its way to the basketball uniforms Here is the article on GoAztecs
  13. Last week at Ross I passed on this And I ended buying this cap for $10
  14. SDSU football has traditionally gone red/black/black at home, and don't want to change that. That's fine. Could have still had white pants with the white shirt. Or white pants with the inevitable red shirt. The last set of uniforms SDSU had did have an alternate set of white pants. They had the black with stripes for home, and a plain black and a white pair for the road. I think at some point they might have a white version of the new pants. A red jersey would be interesting especially since they had a one game red alt I think 10 years ago.
  15. I guess SDSU didn't go with Nike to create the fan version I'm disappointed but the bookstore did this with the baseball jerseys too. What's wrong with the fan version? The only thing I'm worried about with the bookstore using another vendor to create the fan version is the quality of the product. When I bought the baseball jersey it was on the flimsy side and short. When someone is spending $80 on a baseball jersey or $100 for the football jersey you'd expect it to be a quality product and since they are not going with Nike on it, it could be a crapshoot. I'll probably wait and see what others say about the jersey before I purchase one.