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  1. I despise the orca and will continue to refuse to buy anything with that logo on it. Hugely disappointed as a canucks fan to not see some of the bugs not worked out of our current set. If ownership are dead set on sticking with that logo then I wish they'd at least make it look like it matches the rest of the jersey and less "clip artish" It sticks out so bad without any green and dark blue almost black whale. Also ditch the current European style font and go back to our traditional block font. Something along the lines of a concept I created a few years ago...
  2. Well done! I really like your edits. You're tweaks to my 3rd are gorgeous!
  3. ColeJ, I totally agree with you on all fronts with the exception of the Stick 'n Rink. I, too, have been a huge advocate for the skating Johnny Canuck(it's on the helmets when the Canucks wear their alternates). It defines the heritage and history of the Canucks and it's my number 1 choice to be the club's primary identity. However, I am also a big supporter of the elegance and simplicity of the Stick 'n Rink. It has a Montreal Canadiens' feel to it with a British Columbia flavour. While I have grown to love the updated version, I still prefer the original logo. Stick 'n Rink as the primary with the skating Johnny on the shoulders is my number 1B choice. Bang on about the font. Like the orca, the Canucks' font, aka. Agency font, is very corporate-looking. I believe Team USA and a few other countries have used this same weak font. Time to return to the traditional and legible block look. Add a green border to the font and add green to the collar as well. All these improvements would put the Canucks right up there with the Original Six and a few others from the the post '67 expansion era. Agreed with both of you. I made this concept a couple years ago that fixed many of the issues you guys listed.
  4. Wow, I usually don't care for most logo revissions, but your second attempt is amazing! I always loved the Lions iconic logo, but putting it side-by-side next to yours really makes it show it's age. Well done!
  5. jetmonkeyj

    CFL 2012

    The Riders ass "tramp-stamp" logo is one of the funniest things I've seen. Couldn't be happier such an abomination of a jersey is going to be torchering every bodies favorite fanbase each time they step out on the field. lol What an embarrassment! As for my Lions, call me relieved! I was extremely concerned when the league announced every team was getting new unis as I loved their old set, but the "new" jerseys are a great example of addition by subtraction. Although I wouldn't have minded at all if they had gone full retro with these...
  6. jetmonkeyj

    CFL 2012

    Not digging the new Bombers look too much. The gold on the shoulders look out of place on the home set, and it's disappointing to see they're sticking with the dark blue instead of going full retro which is what I was hoping they would do. Not crazy about the gold away jersey idea either. Looks like a bad 3rd jersey to me. And it seams like I'm the only one who actually prefers the previous logo over the "W" they're going with now. Idk, just seems like they couldn't decided which route to take, modern, retro, or current, so they went with a little of each resulting in a confusing mish-mash of jersey. But to my surprise, it seems like I'm in the minority on this. Everybody else gets a thumbs up from me.
  7. Alright guys, here's what I've so far on my Johnny Canuck 3rd... Still a bit of a work in progress, but you get the general idea. Imo, I think that logo looks the best on a green jersey. What do you guys think?
  8. Hey man, I really appreciate all the props. I never really expected to get this kind of reaction. lol And as far as you not being able to post anything on here, I JUST went through the same thing. haha You need 2 posts before that function is enabled, so you're good to go now! I'm sure we're all really excited to see your work! Look forward to it!
  9. Thank you very much for the kind words. I really appreciate it!
  10. Here's the road set with a blue shoulder yoke. I personally really like the addition. I'm also going to try and work on a green Johnny Canuck 3rd.
  11. Ahaha, you're right, thanks. Good old dyslexia kicking in again. Not a bad idea, I'll give it a go!
  12. Appreciate all the feedback! I'll take everything into consideration.
  13. First off, after 5 years of lurking on this site, I'm very pleased to finally step out of the shadows and contribute to this great site and share some of my work! I'm a Canucks fan, but when our current set came out in 2007, I like most people thought it was a step in the right direction, but still failed to give us that "timeless" look we've been waiting for. I don't think they need a full on overhaul, but I do believe they could use some "fine-tuning" before they become great. Here's what I had in mind... The first thing I did was dropped the much controversial arched "Vancouver" all together to simplify the front of the jersey. Next I decided to keep the orca logo because Canuck management is very amendment that they have no intention of dropping it, but tweaked the colours and added green to match the rest of the jersey, and make it look less "clip artish." (The fact that the colours in the current logo don't match the rest of the jersey drives me crazy!) I also incorporated the 3rd jersey stripe pattern, and finally changed the number/name font back to the classic block style and added a green outline to it as well as green to the collar. This next one is of the same jersey design, but with the much controversial Johnny Canuck logo. Some love it, some hate it. I tend to really like the logo and would like to see it make it's way onto a 3rd jersey one day. But a lot of people feel it's too cartoonish and doesn't make a good primary logo. I made this version just to see what it would look like with that logo on it. Comments and criticism are always welcome!
  14. You have to have a certain amount of posts first to start a topic. For me it took 2 posts. Thank you very much. And again, very nice work!