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  1. I'm in the minority but I LOVE these. Although I loved the originals back in the day too. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is how much better the Canucks look back in traditional outlined block font versus the weak agency font they've been using since the return to blue/green. Still hate that font would love to see them scrap it.
  2. Latest Value Village find. In immaculate shape not a flaw on it!
  3. I despise the orca and will continue to refuse to buy anything with that logo on it. Hugely disappointed as a canucks fan to not see some of the bugs not worked out of our current set. If ownership are dead set on sticking with that logo then I wish they'd at least make it look like it matches the rest of the jersey and less "clip artish" It sticks out so bad without any green and dark blue almost black whale. Also ditch the current European style font and go back to our traditional block font. Something along the lines of a concept I created a few years ago...
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