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  1. I just saw this and was like... really???
  2. OH no.... Didn't see the 2 kit part.
  3. Thank me later. LOL
  4. You got me on that one... Shows how much I know about basketball. LOL. After looking at them, the facades are similar.
  5. I didn't get a chance to submit my Anniversary Patch for the 2016 Logolympiad. So I added a few photoshop effects to make a patch on a jersey.
  6. On those two unis, I wanted to do something unique by putting black letters on so it wouldn't be legible unless you were close to the jersey. In real life, those would be collector's items for the kids or auctioned off, because they were different. I totally understand your critique though.
  7. If a team's first season was in, say "1967", 2016 would be there 50th Season... Is that an eligible entry?
  8. I was actually just throwing something together for space. I have edited the color ways for my final presentation. Thank you for being observant though.
  9. Hey Everyone... Sorry about the delay. I whipped this up as my initial release of West Tennessee State University (WTSU) Name of University: West Tennessee State University Nickname: Copperheads Location (City, State): Memphis, TN Colors: Gold, Metallic Gold, Old Gold, Red, Black & White
  10. @Davidellias Not a Problem... If you're in Oak Ridge, I'll stake claim to Memphis for the bluff region.