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  1. thanks you for taking an interest!

  2. I've had this before where the printer simply asked me to make sure there was no important info or imagery too close to the edge, and they then cropped everything about 5mm smaller than the original size I had indended. If you can't find out the exact specifications they need, I would go with the PDF at 11.125x17.125, but size all your main artwork to a 11x17 margin. If you've got a background design or pattern, make this extend all the way to the 11.125x17.125 edge. A now a question of my own: Anyone know of a good "teach yourself" Dreamweaver (CS3) kind of book? I have Classroom in a Book, which has a couple of ok tutorials, but goes into hardly any depth.
  3. I watched the race on TV and I'd have to say... kinda? He seemed to run all the way through the line, but was looking around in the last 20 metres and checking to see his time. It's hard to tell, he never looks like he's running that fast or trying that hard, but I guess that's his style. But my impression from tonight was, he will run much faster than this.
  4. Has anyone else had a problem with non-Roman fonts in Illustrator? I ask because the program kept crashing when it was loading, turns out it was a problem with the font menu as I'd installed a Chinese font. Problem solved by removing the offending font, but is there a fix for this as I still need to use it?
  5. There are raster images, but the colours used are all CMYK. The impression I got was that it was something to do with the actual PDF file and the format used to save it. That said, I have no idea where you go out finding if a PDF is CMYK. The Illustrator document is CMYK, I can't convert the colours to CMYK because they already are. And there is no change in colours between the .ai file and the finished PDF. I see no point in trying to convert to different colours while printing to pdf, because... THEY ARE ALEADY CMYK! Sorry for the shouting, this has been driving me insane for a few days now.
  6. Alright, I promise this is the last one. I'm printing a document to PDF, the document is CMYK. The colours do not change when I open the exported PDF, yet when I send to document to the guys who are going to print it they tell me it's in RGB and needs to be converted. Would they be refering to the colours themselves or the settings of the PDF? Am I missing something when I export the file?
  7. Ok another problem, related to the multi page pdf one: This might be a real beginner question (although a beginner is exactly what i am) but can you crop the document so nothing "spills over" the artboard, and if so how? At the minute ive got two documents where paths and images extend over the edge of the artboard, which is fine as they were to be exported as pdfs. However, I now need the final format to be a two page pdf (thanks to MEANS for the help) which means when placed side by side, elements from one page overlap the other. I've tried some online tutorials, but they either didnt work on images or simply hid everything outside the artboard, which is no good because the right side of the first page and the left side of the second page still overlap.
  8. That's done the job perfectly, cheers very much!
  9. Anyone got any ideas on making multi-page PDFs from Illustrator files? I'm currently working on a flyer for a local business and thats the finished format they want to print from. I've planned the whole thing in Photoshop and can do the multi page thing no problem in it, but will need to use Illustrator once I've worked out what the final piece will look like.
  10. Actually just found the Da Nunu one, turns out its Curlz. Still looking for the other one though, and im not sure if the numbers are the same typeface as the letters.
  11. i know i've seen them somewhere before, but can anyone identity the fonts used here: thanks in advance
  12. Growing up in Northern Ireland you really have to look elsewhere for top class professional sports, although i still have to go for the Norn Iron football team! The Wales and Llanelli rugby teams are passed down from watching my welsh Dad support them when i was a kid. The rest of my teams are all pretty much the first team i watched play each sport when i stayed up way past bedtime to watch them!
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