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  1. The look on Ferguson's face was the most important thing to me.
  2. lol, this is why this is the last thing i post. Really enjoyed your contribution over the years, sad to see you go, but inevitable.
  3. Home shirt design is fine, but the rest of the set is pretty weak and a step backwards in my opinion. With a few exceptions adidas has been pretty good at keeping Liverpool's designs away from the bad templates they use for other teams, so to use two such templates for the change kits really misses the mark. I'm really not a fan of the team in black, much better clash colours have been used in the past. The yellow and green kits have been my favourites, but also the white with black shorts. I don't mind the grey kit, but only once in a while, so since they used it last season a change would be nice. As for the addition of the new sponsor, it just looks slapped on the front of the shirts with little thought. This may be how it turns out in real life (god forbid), but for a redesign concept I'd say you can afford a little more creative licence. The blue and green really don't fit Liverpool's look, I'd far rather see a completely white version. You've changed the colour of the text on the grey shirt to a colour which isn't part of the Standard Chartered scheme, which I think makes it look even worse, but if you are going to use the team's colours in the sponsor I don't see why you can't do the same with the home shirt.
  4. The most criticsm I have on this challenge is for the entries which messed up the Union Jack. There were a couple of designs in both tiers that either changed the colours or the flag design when applying it to the uniforms. It was especially noticeable when the flag was used on the home, then the same design used on the away but with the colours swapped. This ended up with the team looking like the Faroe Islands or simply a flag that wasn't British. I think this happened in Elliott's design, which had a great home jersey but the away just used a St George flag, which as a non-English Brit myself I couldn't really vote for. It was really interesting to see how this problem was dealt with, as the traditional American way of using the same template for both home and road uniforms tripped some people up. As a result, I didn't give any votes to a couple of concepts that had far better designs but just wouldn't have worked for the British team.
  5. The importance of winning both the judges and public vote is pretty apparent here, we've got two new leaders as the tables start to take shape. Perhaps I should asterisk watermelonman...
  6. Another bump, we've got 9 entries as of now. 5 in Tier 1, 4 in Tier 2. Here's the updated list: 33hooligan Evan opaquechicken patchez sergeimakarenkov44‏ Spammy SpotDog Steve-O vicfurth Keep the entries coming, there are plenty of chances to pick up medals on this one.
  7. I like where you're starting to go with this, the helmet is really starting to look good. However, I think you're trying too hard to make it fit a primary logo. I think you'd be best trying something different as a logo and leaving the headdress soley on the helmet. This way you've got something iconic like the winged helmets, made unique by the fact it's only used in one situation. I'd even go as far as to say you should try and simplify the decal further, and see how basic you can go before you need to add more detail again. As for what to do with the primary logo, perhaps a full body version? I like the effect you've used on the wordmark, so it would be nice to see it incorporated elsewhere in the set.
  8. Buuuuuuump... So far we've got entries from: Evan patchez sergeimakarenkov44‏ Spammy SpotDog Steve-O vicfurth Also got one entry from a banned member, but for the second time running, we're not going to accept it. Still loads to play for, so get the entries in guys, there could be some pretty interesting concepts produced.
  9. Here's a quick update of the Birmingham set. Tried to take most of the advice given, tidying up the logo a bit, trying out blue pants instead of white and a bolder design on the jersey sleeves. I'm not sure this is quite there yet, but hopefully heading in the right direction.
  10. Thanks for the feedback so far, I'm going to take Fraser's tips on board and try the Celtics type again. Here are a couple more teams, I went for different a different approach for each. Birmingham have a weird red, blue and yellow colour scheme with white helmets ehich is pretty unique but I wanted to try and give them a more subtle look. The logo is a deliberate attempt at a non-aggressive or fierce lion, I really don't think the opposition is going to be intimidated by the picture on your helmet. Obviously there's an epic lion-based football logo getting a lot of well deserved praise on the boards at the minute, and I don't think this is anywhere near that standard. However, it's pretty close to what I was going for and C&C will surely improve it. Went for a much simpler concept with Nottingham. The secondary is based on the Robin Hood statue in Nottingham, and the wordmark and primary logo go with this medieval theme. The primary is a really simple gothic style "N", I wanted to capture the iconic feel of the Bulldogs or Badgers helmets. Kept the same colour combo as the team's current set; I love the black helmet, white jersey, black pants and didn't want to try and force another colour into the set.
  11. thanks you for taking an interest!

  12. The "Celtics" text was my attempt at a more stylised, modern Celtic typeface, since I didn't want to just use the same stock type you see on Irish themed pubs everywhere. I'm not very experienced at custom type, so I'll try giving this an update at a later date once I've had more practice. I'm not sure about the cross on the helmet. Sometimes I really like it as something a little different, sometimes it looks awkward. I'll perhaps introduce a helmet-only logo with a more traditional head-on perspective. However, considering how simple the rest of the set is, I'd like the helmet to be unique. As for the uniforms, I think I want to keep them this simple. I had tried something with Celtic knot patterns on the sleeves, which looked good but I really want to emphasises the cost-effective side. I'm going to continue this as a series, and not all the uniforms will be as plain. However, I've set myself some rules to try and keep this somewhat viable to the actual teams. Only simple striping patterns, one helmet, ones set of pants and socks. The only thing that will change for the uniforms will be the jerseys, all teams will have a colour and a white.
  13. Congrats to all the medalists, some great work in this round. Here are your updated leaderboards:
  14. I was bored and looking for a project, came across the British Universities American Football League. Now these teams are in no way comparable to NCAA football, it's pretty small-time and the team identities are what you'd expect. Everything is seems thrown together, and there is a lot of ripping off US teams. Not surprising since the players are probably having to buy the gear themselves, but I thought I'd have a go at tidying everything up and making it a little more unique. So here's my local team (not my university though) the Leeds Celtics. Not sure where the name comes from, though it seems to have less to do with Ireland than would be expected. Even so, I decided to take the black out of the set as it doesn't really work in my eyes. The logo is an update of their celtic cross, and I've gone with more of that feel in the wordmark. I've tried to keep the uniforms as simple as possible to emphasise the colours, and to suit teams that probably don't have much money to spend on them. It would be great to get some C&C on these, especially from a North American point of view. Hopefully I'll do a some more of these concepts if I have time and if there's an interest in seeing them. Cheers!
  15. Crouchy playing for Tottenham makes it much harder for me to hate them than I would like.