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  1. For anyone wanting one of those helmets, I got an email this morning from the university telling me replicas are now for sale... for $999.95 (plus shipping) http://shop.goducks.com/Oregon_Ducks/Riddell_Oregon_Ducks_2012_Rose_Bowl_Game_Black_LiquidMetal_Speed_Authentic_Helmet
  2. Friend just sent a photo from Eugene. Not sure its been posted yet but Oregon looks like they're wearing carbon helmet, black jersey, carbon pants, black socks.
  3. When I got my first 59/50 I kept the stickers on, but took them all off because I didn't feel it was necessary, pretty much. I slighty bend my bill because I like the way it looks on me; not too curved but not flat. I personally think its a fasion fad and eventually it will fade like all other fads. I mean I can't remember when keeping the stickers on the hat became popular. I am guessing it's when new era brought out the 59/50, not I'm not sure. All together, I'm a fense sitter and would rock either or but perfer no stix. (For the record, I'm 20)
  4. I've been searching for an early 2000's Angels road jersey with the word "ANAHEIM" (what it should say). They arn't easy to find, but the ones I've seen off ebay the past few years have been too much for my taste. One day I'll get one though...
  5. Around 7:30 AM Pacific time. Source:http://blog.oregonlive.com/behindducksbeat/2010/12/bcs_national_championship_befo.html
  6. Left to right starting with the reflective diamond pattern: Oregon Ducks Football - 06-08 - Game jersey template - Home Green - #7 - "Oregon" nameplate Oregon Ducks Football - 06-08 - Game jersey template - Away White - #8 - "Oregon" nameplate Oregon Ducks Football - 2009 - Game jersey unveiling/photoshoot - Away White with Green - #6 Walter Thurmond III Oregon Ducks Football - 06-08 - Replica - Home Yellow, #89 Ohio State Football - Present - Game jersey template - Home Red - #8 - "Ohio St" nameplate Oregon Ducks Basketball - Mid 2000s - Replica - Home Black - #12 Portland Trail Blazers - Current - Authentic - Away Black - #7 Brandon Roy Portland Trail Blazers - Current - Swingman - Alt Red - #52 Greg Oden Portland Trail Blazers - 90's - Replica - Away Black - #33 Scottie Pippen Portland Trail Blazers - 90's - Replica - Home White - #44 Brian Grant Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Current - Replica - Home White - no name Seattle Seahawks - Current - Replica - Away White - #8 Matt Hasselbeck Seattle Seahawks - Current - Premier - Away White - #23 Marcus Trufant Seattle Seahawks - Current - Authentic - Away White - #37 Shaun Alexander Seattle Seahawks - Current - Authentic - Home Blue - #37 Shaun Alexander Anaheim Ducks - 90's - Replica - Home Purple - #9 Paul Kariya (with "A") Anaheim Ducks - 2000's - Replica - Alt Black - no name New Orleans Saints - Current - Replica - Home Black - #25 Reggie Bush Philidelphia Eagles - Current - Replica - Home Green - #5 Donovan McNabb Houston Rockets - Current - Replica - Away Red - #1 Tracy Mcgrady The last 3 I got for really cheap through locals, not really a fan of them.
  7. Heard over the radio the Portland Winterhawks were debuting new 3rd jerseys tonight, just checked online and I believe these are them. Couldn't get a good game picture, but I can't tell if the jersey is exactly the same one they are selling. http://www.winterhawks.com/article/winterhawks-win-as-they-debut-new-jerseys http://portlandwinterhawks.mybigcommerce.com/products/Limited-Edition-Winterhawks-Third-Jersey%252dHawk-Eyes.html
  8. Portland Trail Blazers Blaze the Trail Cat
  9. Man, that Seahawks plane had the potential to be a lot better than this! Well its better than what Paul Allen uses for the Trail Blazers as there's at least a team logo on the tail. It might actually be the same plane, but this is what the Blazers fly out on long road trips during the season, I see it fly out of PDX all of the time.
  10. Seahawks went with their regular home set (its been awhile) today vs San Diego. Blue top and lighter blue pants.
  11. Oregonlive's reporting the colleges that Nike informed are wearing Pro Combat uniforms this year. Said to unveal them on September 1st, just reconfirming from whats been said. http://blog.oregonlive.com/behindbeaversbeat/2010/08/oregon_state_football_beavers_3.html
  12. Ducks are planning to show their new 3rd jersey on November 26th vs the Blackhawks. http://ducks.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=536121&navid=DL|ANA|home
  13. New Portland State Uniforms. Changed them up due to the new head coach. http://www.goviks.com/news/2010/8/17/FB_0817104955.aspx