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  1. I was on MLB trade rumors and came across this if anyone was interested. MLBTR Seeking Photoshop ArtistsBy Zach Links [July 15, 2015 at 11:59pm CDT]Our brand new Instagram account — @TradeRumorsMLB — is growing rapidly and we’re looking to hire more talented photoshoppers to join the team. Are you the kind of photoshop expert we’re looking for? If so, we want you to create a sample submission based off of one of the concepts below and send it toMLBTRonInstagram@gmail.com. NL MVP: Bryce Harper vs. Paul GoldschmidtShould the Indians Buy or Sell?Who Will Win the AL East?Should The White Sox Trade Chris Sale?To get an idea of what we’re looking for, please check out @TradeRumorsMLB to see some of our previous images. Of course, we also invite creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. All samples should be 1080px by 1080px. This position is part-time and compensated.
  2. I added few things. Made the Gray away uni more of a tan, think it adds a bit and also added the friar to the home uni on sleeve not main logo. Def bit better.
  3. Yes its a custom font. And thanks for all the comments and feedback. When designing it there were alot of thoughts on how far to take it, add waves, go script. Being a baseball fan I always found a liking for the simplicity and elegance in most logos. Now thats not to say jam a lettermark in a circle and call it a day, that the easy way out. I will look into maybe bumping up the thickness of the lettering and maybe go slightly more vertical too, this way it doesnt look so stocky. Cover more of the jersey. Could also go yellow letters on gray jersey too, just to add more pop, but never been a fan of diff color lettering on gray and white jerseys. We shall see.
  4. Personally I hate the Padres current look. It has gotten to the place of complete blandness to me. Got bored on train rides into city and wanted to share the final product of a rebrand idea I had. Dont post often with time constraints , but here goes. Hope you enjoy. I made a quick booklet (copy and paste link below) http://www.flipsnack.com/UnlikeInk/san-diego-padres-unlike-ink.html
  5. Nice updates. The M def works better. Still feel the ear into forehead is too rigid also.
  6. I like the imagery of the horse, just not as a chess piece. When i hear Black Knights i want something more menacing. Maybe add a bit of motion to horses head. Vegas is a daring place, take some chances with it.
  7. I took it down because i rarely leave my stuff up. Nothing to do with Indians etc. I sent it to them never heard back as expected.
  8. The state is actual reg size. Where the jaw and nose are it sticks out further. Agreed on teh stripes I got carried away.
  9. I like D the best. Also eludes to the pyramids with the closed bottom. What is bugging me is the nose highlights on side and the added shading. I dont think it is all needed. Simplier might be better.
  10. I already sent it to Indians (About 10 people there got it). Doubt i hear anything back. Did full book with photo mock-ups etc. As for Brown-Red and Cream jerseys heres quick shoot. I do love the brown color but highly doubt they would change. The cream jersey is more of a fad to me. The road and home jersey different color lettering always bugged me so just never looked into it. Just my opinion.
  11. The war paint is part of the ohio flag as is the circle in the headrest.
  12. I did an Indians concept a while back and never really did a secondary or had time to refine. Finally got some free time to make it happen so here it is.
  13. Few things i woudl change. The main logo can be done a bit better,. Seems too simple. Dont know if the crosses would fly either with all fans. Redo the Friar. Give him a modern feel. The red shadow doesnt do much for me. Either make it full outline or dont put it in at all. Just one mans opinion
  14. I like the update. Bigger Eye and also something has to be done with teh back left section. That wave or swoosh from ear to jaw is too fluid.
  15. I dont think they should go reinventing the wheel here. They have a great base to start with from all their logos.