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  1. Celebrating 10 years of boring Super Bowl logos.
  2. Awesome to meet people who go or went to PSAC schools. LHU is 0-6 this year, but only lost by 5 to IUP. Sadly we do not play Clarion this season.
  3. First of all you are right, when you wait 38 seasons for your team to win the Super Bowl, the field is a minor issue. To be honest, given the location and weather conditions I was concerned that they would not put much effort into the field and it appears they didn't I hope NY/NJ does host another SB, and I hope Philadelphia and Washington are considered as well. A minor hole in pitt6pack's theory as to why NY/NJ got to host was exposed this week when Goodell moved next year's draft to Chicago.
  4. Cool, you go to Clarion. I went to Lock Haven. I remember when you beat us in football 69-0 (I think it was 1988 and I was working in the LHU Sports Information Office). That led to a food fight riot in the dining hall that night after the game.
  5. Anybody else have the field diagrams replaced by an ad for photobucket or did something slip by my antivirus.
  6. I was just trying to make a joke at the expense of their two tone helmets. You do it however you think it will turn out best.
  7. Use the Jags. A half black, half gold end zone.
  8. The last of the unique SB logos was one of the best with that goalpost snuggled in between the L and the I. I feel like somebody whose favorite TV show is ending it's run, given that we are down to the final four Super Bowls. Speaking of which, has anybody done a series like this with the Final Four courts?
  9. I honestly do not think any Super Bowl has been fixed, but a couple outcomes do seem too good to be true. The Patriots winning the first Super Bowl after 9/11. The Jerome Bettis homecoming and retirement party, and the Ray Lewis farewell with its seemingly contrived blackout all make me wonder if there isn't just a bit of the WWE in the NFL. While I do not believe any outcome has been pre-determined, I do believe that the NFL has its favorite teams and Pittsburgh is at the top of the list. Pete Rozelle always seemed very cozy with the Rooneys and I think it exists to this day.
  10. Hard to believe that California will go from 2003 to 2016 without hosting a Super Bowl. Well I guess it isn't too hard given the paucity of modern stadia and the lack of a team in LA. Florida as well will go from 2010 until at least 2019. That's a far cry for those who grew up on what was basically a LA/Pasadena, Miami, New Orleans rotation.
  11. I find that his revelation that he was only 6 at the time of SB XXXV leaves me feeling quite ancient. Keep up the good work, this thread has brought back sooo many memories and I can't thank you enough for that.
  12. I don't think I ever saw that Falcons wordmark prior to tuning in the Super Bowl broadcast. I don't remember it being used in their end zones at the Dome. It really caught me by surprise as I was expecting the old block letter mark they had used for as long as I could remember.
  13. Until my beloved Seahawks' win this past year, XXV was my favorite SB. I just got on the 25th SB bandwagon in so many ways, buying just about anything with the logo on it. And then the game was a classic to boot. It makes me feel soooo old that 50 is just 18 months away.
  14. Actually I think the Bay Area just wanted to bid for it but Candlestick wasn't Super Bowl venue material so they went with Stanford. I could be wrong though. BTW, I tried to quote but nothing came up, anybody else have this problem.
  15. Actually Rozelle attended Compton Junior College and the University of San Francisco.
  16. The Senators officially changed their name to Nationals in 1905, though the Senators name stuck throughout the remainder of their tenure in DC. If you look at that shirt as a throwback than the shirt itself is actually correct. I do not believe that it is an insult to the Twins or Rangers but a recognition of the game's history in Washington. After all their are pennants with the teams AL Championships flying by the scoreboard at Nationals Park. True the current club has no historical claim to them, but the city does.
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