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  1. Voted "Barons", but I like Millers better, and Bottlers best of all...
  2. This is exactly what the Bengals SHOULD be wearing...
  3. I wonder if that was designed for the "Bay State Patriots" moniker? even if the state is on the helmet backwards They had a picture of the logo facing the right way but I coulndt get a smaller picture. Sick. Love it. Always liked the tricorn hat logo anyway, and love the Mass state outline... any pics of what it would look like from the other side?
  4. Like the Cards and Panthers, meh on the Ravens, but REALLY love that Chicago set, espescially the monochrome and the throwback.
  5. Here's the thing, I think the 76 is okay, it'sa all those blue basketball seam lines that screw up the concept. Lose those, and you have a winnah.
  6. I WOULD say the right hip, but you already have the "Flag C" on the right hip. If you go with Red jerseys, maybe the oak leaf gores where the red & blue stripes are now? It might look too busy, just an idea.
  7. Yeah, kind of disagree; you're not using some elements from the flag, but you make others up. I think the blue and white wavy lines on the helmet are fine because they appear on the flag and they are kinda reminiscent of the actual helmet. But there are no red stripes on the flag, so why have them elsewhere on the uniform? And then, you ignore the Oak leaf, scales, etc. So, no, the Cincinnati flag is no "wackier" than, say, Baltimore.
  8. This is excellent, but I'd rather see Suh on the screen for the Lions...
  9. Why isn't "JAMES" in the same font as "USA"? I think the number font is the best part of this set, so run with it.
  11. Maybe it's just me, but I really like those bear logos... anyone have a better image of the bear from that last pic?