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  1. I like the uniforms as far as the striping and coloring go. However, I really dislike the bird logo you've come up with. It seems like the shunned brother of the St Louis Cardinal. The script is ok, but it just doesn't say MLB baseball to me. It's a good start though.
  2. I like it, but the arms and legs seem a little too thick for me.
  3. I like the blue jerseys but thats about it. I don't like the flying elvis on a white helmet and I really don't like the inclusion of the stars on the shoulder and pant striping.
  4. These really aren't worth posting. You claim you are doing modifications by today's standards... but if that were the case the uniform sets wouldn't have such long sleeves. Try to do something more original.
  5. Something about the Raiders set just doesn't seem right, maybe its the piping on the jerseys, but the Rams look fantastic. Good job.
  6. Upper left or bottom right look best IMO. I like the bottom right a lil bit better b/c the words tend to pop on that background.
  7. They have one of the best sets in the league. The colors are on point. The only tweaks I wouldn't have a problem with would be the addition of a gold set of pants (where they'd have to change all yellows to this color).
  8. I got the same impression... I think it was a combination of that as well as the refs seemingly throwing a flag on every play as it was.
  9. I went to URI and def don't like what we have as a logo and don't even get me started on the uniforms we have... but anyways, here's a picture of our basketball court. Sorry for the quality but I took it with my cell phone at the recent URI vs #13 Xavier game.
  10. Ugh... I'm sick of these Titans throwbacks. At most, they should be worn twice a season. The Jets have nice jerseys - no reason to keep dragging these things out. The Titans throwbacks are such an upgrade over the Jets current set. The new uni templates just don't accommodate the design they're going for.
  11. I don't have a problem with the numbers on the back being navy outlined in white as it matches the Rays on the front. However if the "Rays" were white, I'd want conformity on the back as well.
  12. Agree with what Firefly said about the font size and edited by. I'm not a huge fan of of the big black bars at the top and bottom either. Also, it could just be me, but the seat appears to be a little darker then the rest of the red used on your cover.
  13. This is probably overkill but you might be able to take that last design even a little bit further and somehow make the lettuce you have sticking out resemble a compass rose. Or you could do something by somehow incorporating the arrow/tree you have pointing to the NW so it would make the overall picture look more like a "b"
  14. The tree line hem seems forced on these.
  15. BDiamond

    MLB 2009

    Road - It'd be better if they were more blue oriented that was stated before. Also, it looks like the DC sleeve logo has gold in it still which doesn't really fit the rest of the colors. Alternate - Eh, it's ok. Not a big fan of all red jerseys as it is. I actually didn't mind their old alternate. 2nd alternate - too much going on here. It's gross and I hope they only wear it once or twice. Not to mention the hat is disgusting.
  16. The 2nd go around is def an improvement but it still has a lot of flaws. The right hind quarter needs some work. The leg/tail intersection looks way off. I'd suggest maybe doing some studying on anatomy with regards to legs and arms as I remember your bison concept having most of the same issues as well as that kings concept you did with the chest/arm.
  17. Not a fan of what you did with the redskins. Although the spear has tradition, it just screams florida state now. You should also ditch the grey pants, and on the burgundy pants add a side panel to them as well.
  18. Their current road set (color wise) is one of the best in baseball. I'm not a huge fan of red as is and to me this is overkill. Plus something about the DC logo just doesn't look right to me. It looks too scribbled together.
  19. No probs... Solid! Thanks.
  20. I'd appreciate a Nationals one if you have the time.
  21. The facemask might be a really dark blue as well. I hope they bring about in a change of uniforms with this helmet too. As of right now their two primary sets are both in the Denver Bronco's fashion. They have an all white set with dark blue streaks on the sides. They also have a Light blue jersey with dark blue pants and dark blue stripes. Home: Away:
  22. Well I guess you can consider it new. With a new coach comes new colors... They took the old helmet (white shell, keeney blue horns) and inverted it (keeney blue shell, white horns). Pics Here:
  23. arm still has the same problems as the last one. It does look like its coming out of the chest. you need to have a more defined shoulder on this. also, the breastplate area is still needs a lot of work. the way you have the arms attached to his chest makes it look more like legs and an ass rather then arms and a chest.
  24. I agree with most of the others. The whole chest/shoulder/arm needs to be re-worked.
  25. most of them are solid, i just don't think most of the shorts logos are working at all. especially the boston ones.