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  1. I just happen to have a pair of 3d glasses at my desk... I get a better effect from the first take.
  2. Great concept, but it is too long vertically, maybe make it less vertical to the point where the ball and chain "C" take the place of the 2nd C in the Convicts word mark?
  3. I like the sig as a whole, except for the texture you're using. It doesn't seem to mesh well with the rest of the design. Everything else looks to be really clean but then you throw in a texture that brings the overall look down. Not to mention the texture itself doesn't blend well with the solid backgrounds you're using for the word marks. Otherwise it's great.
  4. Being a big Nats fan, I can't stand the red hats... they're just too RED. I'll take the navy cap any day. They need to come out with a dark navy with the interlocking DC for use as an alternate.
  5. Son, you messin' with the WRONG team here. We're gonna have Jim Brown and Bobby Mitchell pay you a visit to enlighten you on how the Browns uniforms should look. Read my lips- THE BROWNS DON'T NEED A CRAP-A** "MODERNIZATION" OF THE MOST CLASSIC UNIFORM IN FOOTBALL! Why don't you go mess with the Yankees or the Detroit Red Wings or the Montreal Canadiens. Those old fogie teams also need "modernization." Yes, I realize I am messing with the wrong team, but that is kind of why I did it. Its a redesign project. When I barely changed anything on my Canadiens concept for my redesigning the nhl thread, I was I told I should go out on a limb. So I did. I guess I just can't win with the classic teams. But I'm not gonna just skip them. I'm not mad at you. It's just that your work on the Browns is a bit over the top for my taste. And yes, the blue-collar-hardhat tradition of the Browns has so much tradition with it. Paul Brown chose the all-White uniforms because in his thinking the all-White look was more intimidating. Given the fact I've been a Browns fan for 50 years definitely plays into my feelings. And to the person who said this uniform would be great for Bowling Green, BGSU is where Paul got the inspiration when he designed the first Browns uniforms for the 1946 season. Again, good work but some teams don't need change just for change's sake. Last time I checked the title of the thread was Elliot REDESIGNS the NFL, not Elliot copies the same old design.
  6. For some reason this design reminds me of this: It just seems a little messy.
  7. The seahawks one needs some kind of sleeve striping.
  8. Ugh... Numerals = No. The wordmark on the Jerseys seem too big and forced. Whats with the vertical striping on the socks? Not even going to approach the monstrosity that's the yellow jersey.
  9. What about the socks to go along with these uni's? I like what i've seen so far.
  10. The bottom right of the helmet looks off, also the 2nd wordmark's font is too Boston Red Soxy for my liking.
  11. I'm not feeling a few things on this... The green socks with the green jersey's/yellow pants just don't seem to go. Maybe white sox with green stripes would be better The O logo on both the helmet and pants seem too large The number font doesn't seem to work that well either. Too large and too slanted. The front of the jersey seems squished together. I think it goes without saying the swooshes are way overdoing it as well. Not a fan of the yellow jersey either.
  12. I've seen the Celtics ones, will try to find a pic. They changed the color of the lettering of celtics to match Italy's flag colors I believe.