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  1. It’s the state motto which translate to “ever upward” or similar.. just like our taxes and cost of living! NYS actually bans any plate covering including the clear bubble shield and any plate frame that covers any part of the plate so like 99% of any plate frame made. It can’t cover the plate number, state name or the bottom word mark as many commercial vehicles say “commercial” or “trailer” where Empire State is on standard plates. They’re being changed again because emperor cuomo says NYS needs to change plates every ten years and the old white/ blue plates last issued in 2008 I believe are nownover ten years old and ezpass readers and plate scanners can’t can the old faded plates. Also the gold and blue plates had a manufacture felt that caused them to oxidized and peel. Us nyers see right through the bs and see it as just another governor money grab as it will cost $25 mandatory new plate fee and additional $20 to keep old plate number.
  2. I voted for #5, it’s best looking, best font, and visual wise has geographic representation that includes anything outside of nyc. I’m from Long Island so I love the little light house added next to the nyc skyline too. Not a fan of the yellow they’re using too and how prominent it is, maybe switch the navy and yellow on the line and bottom wordmark it might look better.
  3. My local target went under renovation this past year and wasvseitched to lowercase word mark. Street signs weren’t replaced though oddly
  4. Went to moes tonight for dinner, everything still looks the same except there was two marketing posters with the new logo and color. Didn’t seem to be any more of an attempt or hint at a rebranding elsewhere in the restaurant . Also for first time in forever, the food quality was subpar (tortillas were beyond stale) and ruined dinner but that’s another story.
  5. Being that I’m from Long Island/ nyc metro.... I grew up and used to each affiliate being at their respective channel (cbs2, ion3, nbc4, fox5, abc7, upn/my9, wlny 10/55, wb/cw/wpix11, News12 Long Island, pbs13, and wliw21. We always just referred to them by the channel esp cbs, nbc, Fox, and abc have always been 2,4,5,7 as long as I been alive back on regular cable days and now digital cable. But now I’m seeing that fish network and direct tv also have local affiliates placed on their OTA spots of 2,4,5,7 through low 50s before switching to their standard 200+ for regular channels. When I travel I can’t get used to seeing networks on other channels or news stations with weird numbers like 22,38,64, etc cuz those have always been paid packaged cable channels not news. For example, I’m probably moving to Charlotte and the examples given feel weird to me cuz the big network affiliates are not in the usual 2,4,5,7,9,11,13 spots that were used to here in nyc area. Another weird one is mid jersey... they get both nyc and Philadelphia feeds so it’s like cbs2ny, cbs3phila and so on. Idk, I can see stations eventually dropping numbers and just going with affiliate and city / region name. Obvious exclusions would be stuff like cablevisons News12 networks or fios1, or ny1 news that if I had to guess, never switch from their channel slots.
  6. Does spike still have Saturday morning car/ truck shows or was that switched to velocity? Bar rescue and cops are only thing worth watching on spike these days
  7. Long island, ny (NYC suburb) Besides the given CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, my TV, wpix/ cw, etc given already.. Ch. 01 (FiOS only) FiOS 1 long island: Ch.10 WLNY 10/55 (CBS affiliated, formerly independent) (old and new logos) Ch. 12 (Optimum/ Altice only) News 12 Long Island (new and old logos) Ch. 13 WNET thirteen (PBS affiliated) Ch. 21 WLIW21 (PBS affiliated) (old and new logo) Ch. 61 (Optimum/ Altice only) News 12 Long island traffic and weather
  8. good, I HATE the look of the DE cap fabric, if NE switched to that fulltime, that's would be the end of me buying hats. I like the current material, just wish it wouldn't shrink so easily if you sweat in it but the look of it is SO MUCH BETTER than DE material in my opinion
  9. not paying $38 for a hat either, but I never understood why the players don't where national / American jersey when they play the actual game, I mean they can where their team hat, but they were elected to the all star team, baseball is the only league that the players where their team jersey instead of a league jersey for the game...honestly it looks like a mess and a "me" mentality when they do that. id much prefer they were the nationa/ American jerseys for the game itself as well as the derby.
  10. you think the mets could put his name out on the wall like they did shea? kiner was the original broadcaster since day 1 of the mets and pretty much part of the team right up until the end of his life. other teams have done it fro broadcasters.
  11. fighting words to islander fans, especially those who live on long island! lol
  12. I LOVE chrome and painted wheels!!!
  13. $$$$$$$$$$ in my opinion the jersey looks good as a fan jersey, idk about on the field for the giants.
  14. so stupid...all about money any way they can get it.
  15. people can argue that if the islanders keep their primary logo the same, they will need to change it to include Brooklyn and queens on the map, as a long islander...I say hell no.
  16. as a mets fan, now that they have the blue alt full time, they should drop the identical blue BP jersey and make an orange version of the blue alt for BP. id like to see the road blue alt dropped and an orange alt added, but I know the chances are slim to none to happening so at least switch the BP to orange. .. I can wish right?
  17. to the islanders thing, as an islanders fan.. NO. that logo is ass on its as a primary. as a third its good but if they replace what they got now, then what makes them the islanders? I can see this team dropping long island from its entire identity, logo , colors, and even jerseys within 5 years. and if Brooklyn fails to draw.. I can see isles gone within 10 years unless the Brooklyn guys move the team back to long island since they got the rights to redevelop the coliseum. as far as addidas taking over for reebok, how much more can these corporate conglomerates mess up something that didn't need fixing. CCM had the design right, then reebok came in and messed it up. next it will be addidas and then eventually Nike will come in and just ruin this sport aesthetically as they done with the Olympic sweaters
  18. these jerseys suck, why does Nike always have to ruin sports jerseys. I dread the day when Nike buys out the contract rights to mlb and ruins their jerseys as well. CCM will always be a classic hockey sweater design
  19. stars vs islanders tonight on long island, very colorful game, looks great
  20. im pretty sure the devils and islanders are home teams because the rangers didn't want to give up valuable home games at the new garden vs their rivals...islanders only had one true home game at the coliseum vs the rangers, what a joke.
  21. time for my periodic update on my islanders: they still suck, except they suck at a new record god, this team is historically bad. EVERY year they have their annual Oct/Nov/Dec collapse that ends the season by xmas, this year the season was over before thanksgiving. only on the islanders do the coach and GM keep their jobs after losing 19 of 22 games.. stay tune for the next game for either: 1)embarrassing blow out loss, 2) a 1-0 shutout loss, 3) winning entire game and blow it in 3rd period with seconds left and lose, 4) winning entire game to blow it late and lose in shootout......all options continue our disaster course and we'll continue to see crapuano and shart snow kill the team, even though wang is the blood sucker of life involving anything with this hockey team.
  22. Im not a NASCAR fan but I always loved how painted and chrome wheels looked on cars, almost an old school look back to earlier days of racing. the black wheels are boring