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  1. nickname on homes, city name on road, alts can be anything
  2. as an islander fan nd long island resident, everytime i enter the coliseum i always admmire the islanders banners and just look up at the greatness that once was. Im wondering how barclays center is going to handle the islanders banners, i hope all of them make the move because that would be an additional slap in the face next to losing our team to the city. also, the dragons banners were removed after the AFL folded.
  3. ill miss the chrome planes whent hey fly over citi field watching mets games and they glistenin the sun, their old look was iconic, i dont know how i feel about this.
  4. in suffolk county new york, the traditional cruiser is the ford crown vic and it says "suffolk police" on the sides, just recently a few new cruisers showed up, i think theyre the new ford interceptor model and the space between wheel wells is too close to fit the "suffolk police" so now it just says "POLICE" in giant letters with "suffolk county" in small lowercase white lettewrs bellow it. i wish i had a picture but i only see it at night at a red light and i think its against the law to take pictures of police cars or somethign like that lol. heres a link with the old car and new car in the shop, best picture i can find. http://www.newsday.c...r-way-1.4257870 heres the new cruiser:;_ylt=A0PDoKxdjvRQbxIAPTiJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?∋=209&no=22&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=127e6lfhv&sigb=13urh928q&sigi=11dplh95q&.crumb=weRjNWJZZmd heres the old cruiser:;_ylt=A0PDoKxdjvRQbxIAKDiJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?∋=209&no=1&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=12fl5n48s&sigb=13t36b4be&sigi=127l1a8es&.crumb=weRjNWJZZmd
  5. hope the islanders come to their sences and drop the gross looking pathetic excuse for a third jersey and switch to an orange version of their home/road
  6. mets, islanders, jets for me. i know i like all the losers who do nothing but embarrass their fanbase year after year, but i just cant like the other teams, just somethign about them i find no interest in.
  7. my mets will suck ass again, but will look beautiful doing so in thier new jerseys/hats
  8. I have the same concerns, those late 90's/early 2000's jerseys where they were wearing the black t shirts under their vests were hideous. Also, the Los does have a black drop shadow on the actual jersey as you can see. i cant believe how bad the replica jerseys look since majestic switched to the giant patch. it looks extremely tacky as one big patch and the added outline because of the patch and it cuts off piping/ pinstripes on jerseys.
  9. picked up the new mets hat, looks absolutley amazing in person. so bright and crisp looking, deffinelty will look great in citi field on a sunny afternoon
  10. looks like all the mcdonalds here on long island, ny that have been renovated, with the stone and metal look.
  11. i love that cap as well, i always had a feeling if they went with a blue jersey, that was the cap they were going with. i dont mind the white outline, and i like the orange bill, it balances the level of blue out so there isnt too much. besides, these will look great in citifield on sunny afternoon, lets just hope the team plays great wearing them
  12. this is right on par with apple, sueing samsung, you know the company that supplies many of the parts that make an iphone, for designing a phone better than theirs and then claiming copyright infringment on the rectangular design (cmon all smartphones are rectangular, are they suppose to make circular, trapazoidal, or triangular phones?). when i see that store logo, it doesnt remind me of apple's logo at all, honestly it just looks like a green circle with a thing on top of it. seriously, is apple goign to sue everybody and everything that has an image of an apple in it?. what happen, steve jobs died and now apple is afraid it lost its creative edge for better, more advanced products and will fall behind in the markets again? this corporate bullying and monopolistic ways need to be stopped, but it wont because our government caters to lobbyist.
  13. what an epic downgrade, thats not even a logo, its just a word/ script. surprised i havent seen this on the io cable systems yet since i live in their market.
  14. any chances the season happens so we can see the uniform changes? im looking foward to the TBA third islanders jersey. the black one was a disaster, hoping for an orange version of their home/road.
  15. wait, the playoffs are going to be on the mlb network? if they are that such bull, not everyone such as myself can afford the ridicolous cable package that includes mlb network. they will just be shutting more fans out, just like NHL had almost the entire playoffs on versus and nbc sports that nobody had so the ratings for th SC finals were garbage because after a couple weeks in the dark, nobody even knew hockey was going on still. i doo see fox and tbs are still involves so i guess the whole thing isnt a loss if it on MLBN.the graphic package overall is very cool looking
  16. This looks pretty nice, IMO: No, that looks like you found some generic looking font off of a free font site. Plus, again, maroon and light blue does not carry a historical color precedence with the team. And looks awkward as well. without disrespect but you yell at me for being "boss" around here, yet here is a prime example of you shooting down someone elses opinion...which is it, are we all allowed to voice opinions or are we forced to agree to yours only?
  17. you guys are arguing over the fact that it would be stupid to put philadelphia on the road jersey when philles mean the same thing....well then how stupid does the name of the team sound in general,philadelphia phillies...its like calling the mets the new york new yorkers. your argument doesnt make sense if you look at the big picture. Some people like and believe that teams should have the nickname on the home and city/state name on the road, and im one of those, i would hate it if my mets wore mets on the road jersey (even though they did do that for some time). a long name like philadelphia can be done, just look at kansas city, los angeles, san fransico, or cincinnati. and those complaining about the letters being too small, does it matter what size they are, you cant legiably see the script of the larger script on the homes from your seats anyway, unless your teams like the mets, rays, cubs, reds, yankees, or tigers.
  18. quebec city is dieing for a team with a NHL arena 18,000 seats being ready by sept 2015. i just hope they either get an expansion team or pheonix and not my islanders. how embarassing would it be to the NHL if a NYC market team moves? unfortanletly the NHl at this point cant do anythign to save the islanders, its not the lack of ownership, its the local politics destroying a future here on long island, the same can be said about winnipeg pt1, quebec city, and hartford.
  19. the mets....there is no words to describe what has happened since the ASG
  20. maybe some of us like the color match ups, instead we always get traditionalist forcing the "no its trash" when we point it out. maybe some of us think the white vs gray is boring.
  21. the fans hated it so much, seriously it is the worst unifrom EVER in islanders history and one of the ugliest sports uniforms ever. the fans revolted against the fisherman uniforms back in the 90's maybe the fans won again? oh wait charles wang runs the team, he dont care about the fans or winning.
  22. and this only enhances my belief that every major government is controlled by a shadow government within by corrupt individuals that are controlled by corporations. only in todays world can a generations survivng small shop get fined thousands for having certain words or images in its advertisments or pre-existing signage, or people cant enter something paid alot of money for just because of the brand of clothing theyre wearing. this has gotten beyond rediculous.
  23. just cancel the olympics all together, it isnt anything like it was designed to be when it was first created. this year is especially stupid with the way london is so miltarized and there is going to be so many military personel at the events, and now the corporate greed attack on the city itself... enough is enough. theres more to life than money and its something governments and corporations seem to forget every chance they get. were not people supporting our counties anymore, now were just guinea pigs to have their over controlled and abundent monopolistic like advertisments bombard us hoping we spend what little money we have on their crap.