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  1. hopefully the islanders alt is an orange version of the home/road and we never have to see those black abominations again
  2. nice color combo tn in tex-oak game, royal blue vs atheltic gold
  3. this whole thing seems retarded to me, instead of showing like "hey were america our athletes are here to perform", its like making a statement of: where better than you, where richer than you, and none of you are on our level. A someone said, instead of them looking like theyre entering an olympic event, they look like theyre going to some pompus elite gathering in the hamptons or martha vineyard. i rather them show up whereing red white and blue jump suits because its more athletic than this. and honestly its turning the olympics from an atheltic competition into a competetion of who can spend the most money to get the olympics, over praise the olympics, and make their countries look better than everyone else. the competition should only be on the playing field during these events.
  4. so im going to be that guy and say it first, when does the mets 2013 all star game logo come out to the public?
  5. islanders should get rid of the ugly black alt and adopt an oranage version of their home/road or just drop the alt together.
  6. i wouldnt be surprised if they put a gray turf field in metlife stadium to match the seats and keep neutrality
  7. im from long island and for as big of a school stony brook is, their uniforms looks like crap. i was expecting something nicer from them but everytime i saw the navy numbers on red with no outline, i thought it looked horrible. i also dont understand why stony brook got rid of the seawolf logo and went to a generic SB
  8. islanders use the name and number on front, and it looks horrible on them. try something else, maybe like the primary shield logo since they dont use it.
  9. mlb whoring itself out for money at its best. this series has become a shame to baseball and america. honestly this is the WORST design of them all, and wtf were they thinking with the mets? they finally fade out black , havent worn it once all season and their S&S hat is the black one...seriously? nvm, just saw the blue hat, looks horrible with tht e camo pattern, they all do.
  10. these look like crap, why cant they just put the american/ candian flag patch on the regular team hat and call it a day?
  11. i really can not stand that script on the miami uniform, its so uneven and off centered. I have to admit though, its refreshing to not see the black jersey that we seen 99% of the games they played os far
  12. honestly this rebrand screams bland and unispring and lazy. i cant wait to see all the gangstas and thugs walking around with this stuff.
  13. in all fairness, the whole identity is a joke. the logo is TOO BIG and it appears 3 times on the jersey and hat, they dont resemble marlins anymore, just some marketing ploy under the name miami. the miami script looks horrible with the giant M overlapping the i and it just seems so off centered. and theres just too much black. i may just be blowing smoke , but loria really messed up by deleting teal from the identity long ago. teal and black was the marlins, now theyre just mostly black with some orange and a few splashes of other colors. the whole team looks like a mess, thier stadium looks like a mess, and thier on and off field issues are a mess.they followed texas footsteps, instead of being florida's marlins, now theyre just Miami' wearing miamians.
  14. marlins looks gross wearing black all 3 games against the mets this series...if i was a marlins fans id be pissed that after such a huge rebrand with all the colors, they wear the black jerseys 95% of the time
  15. this guy loses all creditation when he says loria moved montreal to south florida...
  16. the black alt jerseys looks like bp jerseys on tv....not good. i hate that 3 out of thier 4 jerseys say miami on them too including the home jerseys, we get that your in miami
  17. wow, who ever that is is a real winner! he hacked a sports logo website, seriously?
  18. hopefully the islanders drop the ugly blacks, they suck and also cant win when wearing them...actually they cant win wearing anything at this point. but if theyre going to lose and end up leaving, i want my home team to do it looking amazing. and if anything, i hope they drop the black and add an orange version of thier home/road uni, even though its such a long shot now with the team future being unknown in new york.
  19. GuitarPunk2512

    Fox's MLB 2.0

    mets look awsome! i feel like they shouldnt have a road alt, i just think the grey uni looks perfect as is for the road. Im also not too sure about the orange jersey, it looks too different from the rest. if i had to choose i would drop the orange alt ( or make it a bp uni again) and keep both blue alts and make the hat brim orange. i also love the white outline on the hat logo! makes the NY pop and stand out alot more. I would love to see the mets go to something like this!
  20. me and my friends and people dont say "lets go to _____ stadium/field/park,ect. we just say lets go to a mets game or an islanders game. i know one place that would be sad to see naming rights on is the nassau veterans memorial coliseum here for the islanders, but the way things are panning out, the islanders will eb gone and the coliseum will be closed.
  21. they look straight up black to me, especially compared to the purple line running through it, you clearly see the line in bright purple and the script is black with no purple in it whatsoever.
  22. holy crap i wish i had money, they have it a great price too, authentic for $80, maybe its just cause its a BP jersey, but this is so good it shoul dbe a field jersey
  23. I'm from Long Island and I totally disagree. What benefit would Long Island get from being its own state, other than dumb machissimo bragging rights? I went to 2 SUNY schools for undergrad and grad, both "upstate" (continental NY)...I damn sure wouldn't have been able to afford them if I was an out-of-stater. long islanders have some of the highest taxes in the country yet we dont see a return on those taxes. alot of the money is used to fund upstate because the populations up there is alot less than down here. we have alot more people, jobs, tourism, we are the economic factory to new york state. when the state needs money, who is suffering.. long islanders becuse our taxes are already so high and we gotta cover upstate and they dont even contribute half the money we contribute. its all about seeing fair return for the amount paid towards the whole package. why does upstate and nyc schools get more aid then long island when most of the tax money comes from long island? and new york state politicians dont care about long island, all they care about is NYC and albany. if long island was its own state, taxes probally wont go down but at least all of the tax money would be used on long island and not throughout the whole state of ny. and belive me, i know about suny schools, i go to farmingdale now because it was the only school i can afford. im thankful for suny school, but look what theyre doing..theyre raising tution every year for the next 5 years for IN state residents... why? why not raise all the out of state tution rates? new york state has a corrupt government and always will
  24. i have all 50 states and the 6 extra ones. and ill aslo state that i would much rather have a $1 bill than $1 coin, coins take up so much room in the wallet and make them fat and fall out, the bills fold up nicely with the rest of the money. it would be nice to walk around with bigger bills, but unfortanelty thats all i have and can walk around with in my wallet