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  1. Mavs honoring Dirk on their court this season.
  2. There may be a few minor details revealed, but typically they add new uniforms via roster updates after teams have revealed them.
  3. Highly doubt it. I played with the Lakers in 2K19 and the jeserys are just gold in the game. It was weird to play a video game then watch a real game where the uniforms looked considerably worse.
  4. I don’t know what you mean by “refresh,” but I’d be a hard no on this one. Yes, the gopher does look like a hand drawn cartoon from the 60s, but I don’t consider that a bad thing. In fact, I consider it rather iconic. A refresh or modernization would kill a lot of the charm.
  5. This looks like a logo the creators of Back To The Future would have made in 1985 for the futuristic Miami baseball team in 2015 if they would have known the name was going to be the Marlins.
  6. I don’t even know if I can put in to words why exactly I hate this so much, but I’ll try. I went to the Cubs-Giants game last night, and part of the experience I love about going to games is seeing team colors pop, as odd as that might sound. With baseball being such a part of the fabric of America, it would actually feel more patriotic to see teams in their regular colors. It actually dampened the experience a little bit to have such a beautiful night on a holiday weekend and to see these teams in generic looking camo uniforms. Also, while I believe I’ve heard that money made from sales of these uniforms is donated to veteran charities, the commercialization of Memorial Day is gross, and these uniforms play into it.
  7. I live in Fort Wayne, and yes it’s frequently referred to as “The Fort.” You can’t tell in the images here, but the jerseys do say “The Fort.” Anyway, these are serious downgrades, IMO. But, still a fantastic downtown ballpark and an awesome experience in our humble city.
  8. Just guessing here, but I would imagine it’s part of the agreement with the regular jersey sponsors. You won’t be included on all-star jerseys, but we also won’t replace you with anything else. I could see how an advertiser would want that commitment so as not to devalue their sponsorship.
  9. LOL, not much to learn from the team hiring a president under that name? Are you kidding. Tell ya what, if the team is called something else, I'll buy the first hat they release and eat it. I'll film it and post the video in this thread.
  10. It's the Black Knights. I work in the sports industry and saw this post this morning by a major search firm: http://turnkeysearch.com/2016/07/28/black-knight-sports-and-entertainment-president/
  11. I know it's been almost a year since this comment, but I'm just now seeing it so I wanted to weigh in. I worked for the Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets for almost 3 years. I was fortunate enough to be around Mr. Jordan dozens of times, including several social settings. While I can't claim to know him well, I can tell you that my experiences were always outstanding. I'm not sure what makes him "seem like a douche," but he couldn't possibly be more gracious with his employees. Contrary to popular belief, he's actually one of the most connected and engaged owners in the NBA, which is remarkable given his status as a player. It must be tough to live in the public eye all the time where random people can just judge you as a "douche" without even knowing you.
  12. My first thought: I really like it. Now I need to head to the forums to read why I should hate it. Mission accomplished.
  13. I've heard this forever, but any idea how old this rule is? When the Sixers changed from the Iverson set to their fauxbacks in '10 or '11, they brought back the ball logo directly from the vault (though it was placed inside a square for the primary logo, it was used unaltered for the secondary.) Didn't someone with the Charlotte Hornets explicitly state that they could not have used the old logo under league rules? I found this on the Hornets' website, in their uniform FAQ, dated June 19, 2014: Why not just bring back the original Hornets jerseys? Like with the logos, NBA regulations do not allow us to simply use the original uniforms. We had to make changes and updates. Is it possible that had more to do with the New Orleans franchise still maintaining some of the rights to the older logos? I work in the Hornets front office. The answer is no.
  14. NBA employee here. While you're right that completely different designs, most teams actually have 2 courts. The Charlotte Hornets, for instance, have a "local TV" court and a "national TV court." The only difference is sponsor names in the aprons, but they are entirely different courts. Of course, they haven't had a national TV game since the rebrand, so no one would notice this.
  15. It's so annoying how every thread here gets hijacked. Someone makes an offhanded, off-topic remark and the floodgates open. Is there any way to keep this to Hornets related news/comments only?