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  1. I follow almost exactly this procedure, except I use a hairdryer for the melting, and I'm not smart enough to have thought of using tools, instead of my bare hands, for the bits where you slowly peel the melty plastic off the back. I'll try it your way next time. On the drying phase, though, I recommend getting a clean brick and wrapping it in paper towel, then setting that on top of whatever you want to dry. You know that bit in the Shamwow commercial where the loud dude uses trick photography to make it look like he's just soaked liquid up through carpet with the towel he's hawking? I've actually achieved that result with the paper-towel-wrapped-brick method. Sucks up liquid like Dracula at the blood bank.
  2. Ha ha! Must not be very many flags on the ... oh, wait, you admitted that up front. Geez, way to take the fun out of teasing the Cubs. Perhaps this would be the right time to bring up the Washington Nationals, who have a set of four smallish red pennants above their scoreboard. One of them has "1924" stitched in white on the pennant for the 1924 championship. The others are blank, signifying Washington's long record of near-Philly-esque futility. No banners, flags, or pennants inside the ballpark (yet) to signify the 1925 and 1933 AL championships. Of course, all three are titles won by previous Washington clubs, but then again the Twins don't claim credit for those titles in the Metrodome.
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