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  1. Purely my opinion... Florida's grey/brown/lizards are ugly as sin.
  2. These as last minute losses are really starting to get old...
  3. The Lions look really good. Actually pairs well with the Giants in blue over white.
  4. Tottenham gets theirs UEFA campaign started right in the Group of Death, beating Dortmund 3-1.
  5. Another example is how proper coloring makes all the difference: Same uniform but coloring make a lot of difference.
  6. I can see your point. Personally, I just want stuff to look good; the year the idea was created notwithstanding. The two specific ones I called out were these, though: One is straight-up modern, the other one has more old-school elements (i.e. shoulder loops and gray facemask). For me, though, the color balance is off. Arizona has multiple shades of red. An aforementioned "amazing" Boise state look has an okay jersey/pants with a unbalanced helmet that I really don't like. But then you have other uniforms that are modern and look really good. Again, it's about balance, not modern vs old
  7. I do have an unpopular opinion though: i think the oregon green/yellows badly needed some white to break up the coloring. It wasn't my favorite, even in traditional colors.
  8. Uuuuuuuum you do know that's two schools with orange as a main color right? I mean, we could spend time talking about how awful Arizona looked. Or Iowa State. But they're modern and trendy so automatically better than the old stuff. I feel enlightened.
  9. Houston looks like an actual football team Arizona looks awful.
  10. Won. Shouldn't have won, but Aggies won.
  11. This is why I watch English soccer. #FireSumlin
  12. That's a really great mashing of eras. Did you try it with a silver stroke?
  13. Right. I think it could've been approved had Florida worn white socks. Would've helped with the balance issue in Florida's uniform.
  14. I actually really like it. Didn't get to see the game but the all-maize is actually really clean
  15. It's amazing how going with brand-recognizable looks instead of looking, ahem, "lit" makes everything better.
  16. Different reasoning from me, but I'm very Meh this year as well. It's more because I've dived into watching Premier League. The game is still quicker than NCAA for me, though. No sporting event SHOULD take 4+ hours. Stop it.
  17. Salah and Mooy have made the most impact, but I'm excited to see Sanches at Swansea
  18. Much as I enjoyed that score, Spurs drawing against Burnley outweighed it. Terrible showing yesterday.
  19. Not a lot to the design but I really like how clean it is. Good work.
  20. Didnt think we'd both be chasing down Huddersfield for a CL spot lol. BTW, ManU looks deadly.
  21. Didn't get to watch Spurs today. not please with the results, especially when you look at match facts. I wonder if they need to start looking at a new keeper. Lloris is really good but is due for a brain fart now and again. Sigh.
  22. I was going to say "AND have their heads examined." But tomato, tomahto.
  23. Proud of Spurs for their win this weekend. Now just freakin sign someone. Huddersfield is by far the biggest surprise of the weekend. Good on em though.