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    hockey, football, the Olympic Summer and Winter games
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    Dallas Stars (new), Minnesota Wild, Houston Texans, Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets (1995-2003, all the logos in the PDC.

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  1. Have you done a logo for Detroit?
  2. Great job, how is Vancouver coming along?
  3. Vancouver should be the Huskies or Hawks.
  4. Milwaukee Hogs sounds good to me. How about Stallions for Louisville?
  5. He chose Marshals for San Antonio's team.
  6. Detroit Gears Detroit Machine Detroit Soul (Motown homage)
  7. Atlanta looks great! Have you finished Detroit yet?
  8. I like Arizona a lot! Cleveland is unique, are oak trees a common sight in Ohio?
  9. Good job on Portland. How about Atlanta, Vancouver and Phoenix?
  10. Nashville? Beat, Rhythm or Tempo. The city was originally called the Athens of the South before the music industry rose to prominence there.
  11. Nashville could be the Beat or Tempo.
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