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  1. I still hate these unis just as much as the first time I saw them unveiled they're terrible...just terrible no amount of time seeing them in action is going to change that IMO seems like more often that not the notion is 'I hate these unis' then after a few months of seeing them it changed to 'well, they're not so bad' nah son....not this time
  2. The 0 through 3 are just fine to me…after that…it's horrible. Even the 8 is okay with me….but those slants in the other numbers are ghastly
  3. So an NFL team finally went with chrome face masks... I wonder what can of worms this will open up I'm sure Dallas would want to have chrome face masks…but since the silver-fleck finish of the helmets won't match they'll probably want to go all chrome for the helmets too Raiders might wanna go chrome too also how in the world are the flag decals gonna stay consistent from helmet type to helmet type??
  4. That's terrible And this guy looks REALLY creepy
  5. All I know is that they SHOULD. No more royal blue anywhere, navy at home white on the road. *waits for the angry mob*
  6. they could've done SO much better with the prank
  7. ^ hmm that's a bit of a stretch I would say if it was solid it would more be in tune with the side stripes that go up to the collarbone and down to the top of the knee
  8. STATE flags...aha...I came in looking for US Flag redesigns
  9. Here's something else that bothers me I wish the 3 stripes was just one solid stripe...I think it would look way better
  10. I got an idea I haven't heard mentioned yet why doesn't Jacksonville just adapt 2 helmets one gold one one black one and interchange them, being the first ever NFL team to wear 2 helmets instead of only having one to choose from I'd fix the problem and be SUPER COOL
  11. The Bears in white cleats is a travesty! "Turrible" - C. Barkley