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  1. That's what I thought when I saw the video... Although the numbers look black to me, purple would be more consistent with everything we've seen so far (the butt stripe and possible Chinese jersey leak). Looks like the trim matches up with the Chinese leak. It looks black/orange but I'm guessing it's purple/orange. Very similar to the 90's uni. Seems like the leak is legit... which means that the beveled font has likely made its way to the jersey... which i am definitely not a fan of.
  2. It has been done before... Ahh, I forgot about that court.. then problem solved.. Come to think of it, I think the Charlotte Hornets old court had some sort of swirly line coming from the baseline too.. Edit: Pic
  3. I agree with you, but I don't want to use solid orange on the key, here's my compromise. Ditched the top half circle and did the baseline script in solid orange to match the suns.com & @suns script. I think it looks much cleaner. What do you think? Remove the circle line in the middle and pull a two-tone with the lighter shade at the free throw line. Per NBA rules the center circle has to be there as a guideline for the players. Here it is in orange to make it more subtle. Personally, I am kind of over the whole 2 tone court thing, but here it is with a not so drastic contrast... Although, I don't think the NBA would approve the birds I have on the baselines to be honest... not really sure what the rules are, but there's gotta be a reason it hasn't been done before.
  4. I think what it is, is the fact that it is two tone beveled... makes it look off center a bit. Perhaps if it was solid blue like the word mark... or mesh green w/ blue outline mimicking the basketball.. But besides the star I gotta say this is pretty bitchin'. I always liked the old logo and you did a fine job modernizing it, you did some awesome design work on the uniforms and the font is great.
  5. I decided to make the Orange a little less intense and make the subliminal sunrise effect on the alt jersey a little more subliminal... I also killed the subliminal effect in the white font on this set... was too much IMO.
  6. Ha, never noticed it but you are right.... funny thing is, that's how the Suns logo on this site has it too!
  7. I agree with you, but I don't want to use solid orange on the key, here's my compromise. Ditched the top half circle and did the baseline script in solid orange to match the suns.com & @suns script. I think it looks much cleaner. What do you think?
  8. BTW: Thanks to Darth Brooks for this awesome court template
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm going to work on the road and alt uniforms later this week.
  10. They mention the Suns, you're just not looking hard enough... It's in Bold blue, to the right of where it says "Best".
  11. Thanks Man, I didn't want to add any black to this set but here's a black 'alternate universe' version... which I gotta say, I think looks pretty sweet.. so maybe I will try a version where I integrate black into the rest of the set and replace the orange with this jersey.
  12. I like this logo a lot more than the first one, although I would cut off the streaks where the box ends so they don't run into the text. The spikes around the ball protruding outside of the box are cool though.
  13. Yeah that kind of bugged me too.. Fixed it.
  14. That tends to be the general consensus so I was going to do 'Suns' or 'Phoenix' on it.. but always like the PHX mark so I thought I'd give it a try. Since I seem to be in the minority on that I will change it up in the revision. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Those are lightyears better than the official jerseys and much more consistent. I prefer all of the ones furthest right.
  16. Thanks, After looking at the numbers... you're right. I was trying to get away from the bunched together look that the new Suns jerseys have and overcompensated a bit. And I agree with you on the inclusion of white in the Primary Logo, I just wanted to get away from any black or grey in the logo and make the set consistant, although I actually love the way the white looks in the Firebird ball logo, maybe it's just me.
  17. Like most Suns fans I was disappointed by the new uniforms unveiled on Thursday. There are some stylish elements of the new set but I feel they came off sloppy and inconsistent. So, last night I was bored and a little drunk and slapped these together, I'm still working on the shorts but heres what I got so far.
  18. Man, I am still bummed about the new uniforms. I just can't believe how bad they ended up looking... as a Suns fan of over 20 years, I can say that this is the first time I have no interest in wearing my teams jersey. I'll still root for my team and rock the old jerseys, but I cannot stand this set. There are some promising elements, but they might as well be held together with duct tape.
  19. i like that pic, it gives more of an idea on how thw uni would lookIt actually doesn't look bad, usually jerseys without trim on the sleeves remind me of practice jerseys so I hope that isn't the case here.
  20. Think of all the white protestants in San Diego who feel disconnected from the team since they aren't Catholic nor do they speak Spanish. The Padres are supposed to have a promotion later this season called "English Night". This jersey set leaked from their media department. That is freaking hilarious. And I'm a Padres fan. Well done. Any chance of creating a "WV" alternate cap? I actually tried that first but it didn't look good without the right font (and not wanting to spend more than 20 minutes on it)