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  1. Just seed the teams 1 through 16 and everything will be fine. Screw this East VS West crap.
  2. Hot dogs at Olympic Stadium in Montreal will always be loved and never forgotten.
  3. I have to admit I didn't watch the Gold Medal game. It's Canada all the way with Gold or bust. As much as I love Canada getting Gold, this tourney gives them a wake up. So many great games and players feeds hockey, be it NHL or international tournaments. It's the World Juniors that drives me to get up at 6AM on Boxing Day to watch hockey. I know with the trend to have it in Canada every other year to make money for IIHF is going to stop the 6AM games, but that is what feeds history. I remember being a kid and getting up early to watch World Juniors in the 90's. Canada is being spoiled right now. It's not 1998 bad, but it can get worse. As much as I liked USA dropping to 7th (sorry bookends </end smugness>), this will drive their program even harder. Switzerland was an after thought five years ago and have improved every step. And with the change to one promotion instead of two will make stronger clubs for another country. I don't care what people say, the holidays are for family first. When it comes to seconds, screw Christmas, screw Hanukkah, screw everything else. World Junior Hockey rules my end of year holidays.
  4. All-Star game starters have been announced. Forwards are Daniel Alfredsson, Jason Spezza and Milan Michalek. Defence are Erik Karlsson and Dion Phabeuf. Goalie is Tim Thomas. I got to laugh at the sports media making a big deal of this, because Senators fans stuffed the ballot. These are the starters as voted by the fans. You can debate the validity of these players being All-Stars, but the fans voted them in. Who cares? Even if all six players were All-Star calibre players, the starters were voted for. These six players could end up being on different teams and playing one face off before being pulled. It's an All-Star game, it doesn't matter.
  5. I'm going tomorrow to get poutine and the new cap. It will be a glorious Saturday!
  6. Is Western switching back to the the Footscray name?
  7. Don`t care if this is an old picture or not, Daddy likes. I`ll be waiting here for you when autumn comes, champagne on ice, lights turned low, candles lit, and Barry White on the radio.
  8. Does anyone see the Quebec Kebs having a frog as a mascot as a bad thing?
  9. Too add to the actual topic, Blue Jays are second only to the Leafs in Toronto. Being from another city and living here for six years, the media puts pro sports in order of importance as: 1, 2 and 3 Maple Leafs 4 Blue Jays 5 Raptors 6 FC 7 Argos 8 Rock 9 Marlies 10 I'd add an OHL here, but the Majors left, because their ownership wouldn't play nice with the Leafs. 5, 6 and 7 changes depending on winning and time of season.
  10. I dont think people in Baltimore care about the Blue Jays either. Ehhhhhh!(That was a buzzer sounding). They do care. Anne Arundel County (Baltimore area) is the lacrosse capital of the world ( I'm not joking or over exaggerating). Everyone is all like "Hey, man. Are you going to the Faceoff Classic? It's gonna be SICK!" and I'm like "No, I don't find amusement in almost-grown men hitting each other with sticks and trying to get the ball into the reasonably large net, which takes very little strategy and intelligence. I wouldn't be this pissed unless I didn't here a "baseball is just hitting a goddamn ball with a stick" nonsense every day. It's a lot more than that, it takes knowing the count and whether or not to be passive, (3-0 count), agressive (1-2 count), or looking for a good pitch to hit (2-1 count), and then reading the pitch perfectly, timing it spot on, and getting perfect trajectory, bat speed, and level of the swing to propel the ball a long distance. As in lacrosse you just whip the stick around and get it passed a goalie (which is far easier than shooting a 3 or kicking a goal in soccer). /lengthly rant You are high and ignorant. Have you ever even tried it? As someone who has played all of the sports you referenced (and even lacrosse in a place that is far from a lax hot bed in SoCal), you are incredibly wrong. You don't know how many idiot football/baseball players I've seen call lacrosse a dumb/ sport then go out and pick up a stick and legitimately try to play and look stupider doing it. There is technique in cradling the ball, in passing, in shooting. There is strategy in the field (extremely similar to basketball and hockey in sense of strategy). Defensive rotations, defensive structure, offensive structure/rotation, Man-up, man-down, faceoffs, etc, etc, etc. It's 1000x harder than just going out there to "whip the stick around and get it passed [sic] a goalie." Yes, at first try it is difficult. But so is catching a pop up or hitting a fastball. And those things take many years to master, as in lacrosse a year or so of practice will allow you to be able to cradle and hit the corners of the net on your shot. I really don't want to bring up the argument, but you actually think a pop up takes skill to catch? A five year old can do that playing T-ball!
  11. Didn't they fix that in 11? Are you talking about the logo being the one they had when they won the World Series? If so, it is the correct logo on the banners. I have yet to play an actual game there, but i was in exhibition mode going to each stadium just to see the scoreboards and stuff and saw that the correct logos are on the banners. Right, that's what I thought -- all previous versions had the 97-02 logo on the banners for some unknown reason Crap! I don't know what I was drinking the day I posted that. They have the correct logo in MLB 11. I must have been playing 10 or something. Weird thing is I played today's afternoon game and the dome was open with the temp at 47F. IT seems like the dome is always open, but I haven't played many game yet. Also I noticed the don't have the 'T' alternate cap. They have the batting practice caps, but no black cap without the white stripe. I know they wouldn't put up logos from teams they don't have a license for, but you could at least put up a blue banner with a football on it or something. They took the time to make an add for Fenway in right field that looks like the Budweiser ad. Is asking for a square oxford blue banner with a generic football and capital 'A' too much to ask?
  12. While watching the Hall of Fame banners being unveiled, I remembered the 1992 and 1993 AL East and AL Championship banners. Does anyone know where they are?
  13. The real question is will it make him any less of a sieve.
  14. I don't know where in the top 5 it would be, but I love the Fronts alt.