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  1. Yeah I know about Miami, but I've no time to create a brand new identity. Thanks for the tips about SKC.
  2. Hi Sotr, I do work as graphic/apparel designer and that's one of my (many) own templates.
  3. What if New Balance signs a league contract with the MLS. https://www.behance.net/gallery/33351437/MLS-by-New-Balance-Proposal
  4. Here we have one of the most exciting football league of the world that is the Primera División of Argentina, this time signing a collective contract with Baltimore based company Under Armour. Enjoy!
  5. Hi, My take on the McLaren Honda 2015.
  6. This is my take on the League 1. Here's the link.
  7. Here's the last (this time for real) part of my "What if..." series. Imaging Puma signing a collective contract with La Liga, well here's my take. Enjoy! Link
  8. Hi, here's my take on the livery of the 2015 Williams Martini Racing Formula 1™ team.
  9. Yep, in the early eighties before the Berlusconi's era.
  10. Welcome to third and (probably) last part of my "What if..." Nike would sign a collective contract with Serie A, one of the major football leagues of Europe. Here's the link. Thanks & enjoy!
  11. I don't know about the US but here in Europe we use a very similar logo it to indicate that a product (or better the material of which it is made) is recyclable.
  12. Hi all, Welcome to the third episode of "What if...". This time the Cold War didn't have an end so four teams (that are actually defunct) are taking back to life. Check it here! Thanks!
  13. Hi, I had very few free time at work recently so this project has took me ages to get completed. Not much to say, this is my view of the way adidas should go in the next few years: shortest three stripes just on the shoulders (no sleeves), maybe with a tone on tone color scheme. Tweaked some crests and sponsors too. Watch it here Thanks & enjoy!