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  1. To get rounded corners on both the inside and outside, you have to draw them that way. So instead of going down to the edge of a hard corner, stop a bit before it drop a anchor and then go diagonally at about a 45 degree angle and place your next anchor and round it out to the shape you want it to be. It really doesn't like hard edge corners, there's a reason why, I just couldn't begin to explain it to you. Thanks oddball! Yes, I did try that trick but it doesn't work well to me. Here's a tutorial I found surfing the net . As you can see the Pen tool just goes straight down, and you can always round the corners as well. Do I have just to incrase the radius of the Round Corners tool?
  2. Hi, I need some help with the Art Brush tool in Illustrator, please. The screenshot explains much better what's my trouble. I just can't get fully rounded the corners of each line. Also if you take a closer look to the brush at the bottom you'll notice some strange stuff (inside the red circles) coming out from the most external line. I also added my Art Brush's settings. Thanks for help!
  3. Yeah, that's the way I use to work, but it takes way too much time. Thanks for replying, though.
  4. Hi Mike, no I don't play in a team called JUDGE. Well, in all honestly, I don't play any PC games.
  5. I want to subtract the eroded effect shape from the circles shape with the Minus Front tool (Pathfinder -> Shape Modes). Notice that I did the eroded effect starting from a Brush, then I expanded them. I tried to transform the circles shape into a compound path, so I thought I was able to subtract the whole thing in one time, but it just doesn't work. At the moment the effect in B. example is obtained only by the same color for brush and background, and it is not what I'm looking for my job.
  6. Thanks a bunch, dude! I fixed it!
  7. Need some help to solve a trouble with Illustrator CS4. It may look a pretty simple thing, but I just can't work them out. Here's the story: I have to type a script on a path (a circle in this case). So I use my "Type on a Path Tool" for the upper script, which goes from left to right and it works fine; then I move down I just can't write the bottom script from left to right as well. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Chestnuz, am I the subject of your reply? If so, here's my address: beatnik83@gmail.com Thanks!
  9. I lost some of my template files from my HDD. Somebody could help me to find out a basketball template file named "nbajersey" or something like that. Inside this file there were several kind of jersey collar divided by NBA franchise. It's the same I used for this concept.
  10. Hi, here's a little trouble: I can't apply properly the inner glow effect (-black color -darken mode -90% opacity -80px blur) to a 1280X1024 rectangle. Thanks for help!
  11. Hi... I was deep in the realization of a New England Patriots uniform concept when I realize that all of my fonts weren't displayed in the top bar. So i open up MS Word to check if the problem was the same but the Office software from Redmond shows me everything correctly. I still didn't re-install it because i would like to solve the problem in other way. Thanks in advance. Regards, beatnik.
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