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  1. Wow, I was on the MLS site a few days back to check up on the Madrid game, and I saw that logo and thought that was awesome, but I had no clue a CC member made it. Well done man, the logo is amazing
  2. Anyone got access to NBA Media Central, or whatever it is called.
  3. I must say Nike did a good job on them
  4. -TD-

    NBA Hat Concepts

    Racist comments!?!?!?
  5. Wow ... I remember checking them out months ago at NLSC, they are awesome man.
  6. -TD-

    NBA Europe Team 5

    Yeah, that is what I thought at first, but I went through other possible names, and couldn't think of anything that good. I like the name SPITFIRE, but this project already had the German team as a miltary idea, and I doubt many Germans would appreciate the Spitfires playing over there. I know this is not a proper league, but somethings like that are important.
  7. -TD-

    Nuggets Alt Unis

    Hey Con, how do you do them collars and sleeves. I have got SAGS template, and along came some collars and sleeves, but in game they look crap.
  8. -TD-

    NBA Europe Team 5

    I do like it yeah, don't get me wrong, but I am not sure if it screams out London, if you get what I mean. The concept is very nice though.
  9. -TD-

    NBA Europe Team 4

    That is once again a sweet concept. Great work AAO and Greg.
  10. I don't see that, you must have one of the advert thingys. Its like spyware I think.
  11. -TD-


    I wasn't comparing the Nazi regime and the USA. The war against Germany was over for about a month when the atomic bomb struck. Also no one knew about the consentration camps until after the war, so therefore this attack was not in revenge for the mass murders of Hitler's government. As well as that, I believe that Truman said along the lines 'Surrender or face destruction', now that is just wrong too. Now I was never comparing the US dropping the first ever atomic bomb, and the Hitler led Nazi regime's mass murder. Seeing as the war with Germany was over when the bomb was dropped means that there is no connection with the murderus ways of the Nazis. Sorry about my spelling, but ah well you get the idea.
  12. -TD-


    well lets see- germany in ww2 killed 10 million civilions, 6 million of them jews, just because they didnt fit into hitler's idea of a "master race." nazi germany also started the most devestating war in history, all in the name of spreding totoliatian government, hate, and fear. the usa in ww2 however fought alongside her commonwealth cousins, fighting for democracy and human rights. that should make it obvious why a ww2 themed team in germany wont work, while a ww2 themed team in the usa or any of the other allies will work. i cant believe i had to explain why ww2 themed in the states works, as opposed to germany, where it will bomb (no pun intended). Yeah, the atomic bomb helped matters And didn't you only get serious after Pearl Harbour, hence the atomic bomb. But anyway, if this was moved to London, then consider the Spitfire name. Historic, key to victory in the Battle Of Britain, so the London Spitfire could work.
  13. -TD-


    English teams in America Im pretty confused.
  14. Hrm ... I liked the Blue Arsenal ones to be honest.