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  1. No. That would be the Dallas Cowboys. Hey! I'm not only a Lakers fan (born and raised by Laker fans, still live in LA), but I'm a Cowboys fan as well. However, that doesn't mean I'm a bandwagon fan. See, I was born in '91 and the first year of sports I can remember is in 1996. For the Cowboys, '96-'09 just happens to be the worst stretch of losing in the Cowboys history ever, but I'm still a fan, a die-hard actually. Back in the early 2000's when it was fashionable to root for teams like the Eagles, Patriots, Bucs, and Titans, just to name a few, I still stood by my Cowboys (5-11 for three straight seasons, plus cellar-dwellers) and watched every game. Some of them were miserable to watch... But so rewarding seeing them go on the 4-game winning streak at the end of last year. My favorite sports teams are: NFL - Cowboys (lifelong fan) NBA - Lakers (lifelong fan) MLB - Angels (was fan before they were good) NHL - Ducks (was fan before they were good) Soccer - US national team/LA Galaxy.
  2. If the Cowboys play their absolute best this year, I can see them going 14-2. Again, that is if they play their best. The worst I see them doing is 8-8. More realistically, I see a 12-4 to 13-3 season for the Cowboys this year. Probably a 12-4 year.
  3. I know I'm kind of late to the predictions but here's mine: First-Round West 1.) Los Angeles Lakers defeats 8.) Oklahoma City Thunder 4-1 5.) Utah Jazz defeats 4.) Denver Nuggets 4-3 3.) Phoenix Suns defeats 6.) Portland Trailblazers 4-3 2.) Dallas Mavericks defeats 7.) San Antonio Spurs 4-3 East 1.) Cleveland Cavaliers defeats 8.) Chicago Bulls 4-0 4.) Boston Celtics defeats 5.) Miami Heat 4-3 3.) Atlanta Hawks defeats 6.) Milwaukee Bucks 4-1 2.) Orlando Magic defeats 7.) Charlotte Bobcats 4-2 Semi-Finals West 1.) Los Angeles Lakers defeats 5.) Utah Jazz 4-2 2.) Dallas Mavericks defeats 3.) Phoenix Suns 4-3 East 1.) Cleveland Cavaliers defeats 4.) Boston Celtics 4-1 2.) Orlando Magic defeats 3.) Atlanta Hawks 4-3 Conference Finals West 1.) Los Angeles Lakers defeats 2.) Dallas Mavericks 4-2 East 1.) Cleveland Cavaliers defeats 2.) Orlando Magic 4-3 2010 NBA Finals Los Angeles Lakers defeats Cleveland Cavaliers 4-3 FINALS MVP: Pau Gasol
  4. How's this for an interesting scenario: LeBron goes to L.A. just not the team everyone is thinking of... What if he signs with the Lakers?? Now before everyone jumps on my butt, think about it for a second... LeBron has both expressed an interest in playing for the Lakers at some point and playing with Kobe. He'd only share the Lakers with Kobe for a little bit. And in the olympics, they proved that they can play very well together. Kobe does not have that many years left as an elite player. By signing LeBron, the Lakers would be able to give LeBron a championship caliber team, with a Hall of Famer to learn from, then when Kobe hangs up his sneakers, LeBron can take over the Lakers and lead us to even more championships. Now I know the Lakers don't have cap space, but since when does Jerry Buss care about cap space? He's always been willing to dish out cash in order to keep the Lakers as a title contender year in and year out. Improbable? Yes. Ludicrous? Yes. Possible...? Definitely. As crazy as it sounds, it could work
  5. I hate how either FOX or CBS get to broadcast a Super Bowls PLUS the Conference Championship Games. I know they do for more revenue, but it seems messed up for NBC. I think it should be either FOX always broadcasts the NFC Championship Game, CBS broadcasts the AFC Championship Game, with NBC getting the Super Bowl or which ever network gets to host the Super Bowl (In this case, CBS) shouldn't broadcast their Conference Championship game and give it NBC. I don't know about you guys, but this irritates me...partially because I think Al Michaels is the best play-by-play announcer in Pro Football and that I though he called a great Super Bowl last year.
  6. Dallas, Buffalo, and Washington are perfect upgrades. And, as a Cowboy's fan, I want to see the Cowboys play in those uniforms. They look good! Keep it up!
  7. I agree. I'd do this in all sports. If you don't, you're essentially saying that the division and conference / league championships aren't that significant. So if you win the World Series for example, and then the next year get bounced in the NLDS, is it seems kind of dumb to raise a flag that wasn't good enough to be raised the previous year. The way the Phillies do it, they raise the division flag right away (it's white). Then, when they won the NLCS, they took the white down and replaced it with a blue one. Then, they replaced the blue with a red one. Of course, they still had a flag-raising ceremony before opening day, even though the flag was already up (I guess they took it down so it could be raised again.) They should just have all of the damn flags up there all the time. What is especially flawed about this system is that the assumption is that if you have a Conference / League flag, then you also won the division. This is not always the case though, with wild cards. I agree to a point. If some teams did this, they wouldn't have room for all of the banners or the stadium rafters would look cluttered. For example, the Lakers would have a ridiculous amount of banners if they raised them for Division and Conference Championships. We have 30 Division Championships, and 30 Conference Championships. That would add 60 additional banners to Staples. I think that the Lakers might have realized this, or that they pretty much don't think Divisional and Conference Championships are worth the banners. On a side note, does anyone know if the Cowboys have put their Super Bowl banners in Jerry World yet? I haven't seen any pictures
  8. Man, I love these uniforms. They really represent Seattle. Although, I think it's look better if they wore their white pants. Then, it'd be perfect.
  9. Favorite Helmets by Division (Thought the idea was sound ;P) AFC East - Modern Helmet, Miami Dolphins. Retro Helmet, Buffalo Bills. (I always loved the Dolphins helmet and the old-Bills helmet) AFC North - Pittsburgh Steelers both old and modern helmets. (I hate them, but I love their helmets haha) AFC South - Tennessee Titans. (I've always loved their uniforms.) AFC West - Oakland Raiders. (Their black uniform, home-set is perfection in a uniform.) NFC East - Dallas Cowboys. (They're my all-time favorite team, and always will be.) NFC North - I like the Vikings, but the Packers is easily the best. NFC South - New Orleans Saints (Their logo matches the City perfectly.) NFC West - Seattle Seahawks. (Absolutely great uniforms and colors. Really represents Seattle.) Overall, I like the Cowboys, Raiders, and Seahawks the most.
  10. It's been like that since at least the '96 season, maybe even the '95 championship season. Either way, it's been there for a long time.
  11. I know of a school close to where I live named the Torrance Tartars. Thats pretty unique I'd say. A heck of alot more unique than my schools name: The Redondo Union Seahawks. (We are also called R. U. High. No joke.) One time, some students of ours, ten years ago, went to our rival's school (the Mira Costa Mustangs) during Costa Week. (the week that we play them in almost every sport, particularly the football game) some of our students went to the school and spray-painted "Redodo Rules!" I kid you not, we wrote "Redodo Rules" instead of "Redondo Rules." Man, since then they constantly remind us of it hahah. It's rather funny actually lol
  12. be 17 again. Looking back I think the idea was there, but terrible, terrible execution. And the NBA does not need anymore light/navy blue pairings. yeah I agree, but it's better than what they've got now. It's an actual identity, seperate from the Lakers. I just like that the logo actually includes a clipper ship and that the colors aren't red, white, and blue. (I hate the red, white, and blue colors. Especially now since the Sixers went back to it. There is way too many teams with these colors.) They just need something to make them unique, something the fans would love, and something the players would be proud to wear.
  13. Q goes from the Knicks, to the Grizzlies, to the Clippers... That's a coast-to-coast crapfest if ever I've heard one. remember though, Quentin Richardson was originally drafted by the Clippers. He's just making a return trip lol. Sucks for him. Cannot believe Ariza is gone!! I'm so upset. I loved that guy. He was all-out hustle and effort. Artest better give somewhat the same amount of intensity, else I'll want him gone. And no more forced threes Artest, got it?
  14. The Clips should use this logo and uniform. designed by AAO, from like 2004.
  15. Even though Bob Johnspn is a crap owner, he still does not compare to the atrocious owner we have here in LA, for LA's other team. Ahh, if only he could leave the Clips, like Johnson is leaving the Bobcats, then we could have two pretty good teams instead of the Clips just hogging up space. While the Lakers keep raising championship banners (Which I don't really mind ) PS: I do like the Bobcats Orange Uni. It is unique although I'd like it if the used the template they use for the blue for both, Orange and White jerseys.