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  1. HABEMUS Playoffs logos on the floor And the one on the front base of the basket, it's now on the side
  2. Do you expect that TNT or ESPN or NBA TV adds the Playoffs logo now that they can add it virtually?
  3. I don't like this change. I think the rounded neck is very old school, I like a more modern neck (like soccer jerseys), for me it's a shame.
  4. So finally the two "new" logos (well only one, but the other will be the same) and they┬┤re so boring
  5. So we hace ads on the fans' jerseys (sorry but I though that those jerseys would be ads less) https://twitter.com/cavs/status/921898478023913473/photo/1
  6. OMG Coyete is wearing a preview of Adds on jerseys T.T
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