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  1. I really, really like the Blue Jays cap. Would be a neat alt -- even though their regular cap is one of the best! I like the Tigers' cap with the tiger stripes in the D. The Marlins' is nice, with the marlin -- but not the M. The Phillies' cap is pretty neat, too, along with the Cubs'.
  2. OF COURSE they wore them at least once! Why did you doubt me! -- Dave Murray (GR Muckraker) And yes, I did indeed talk to John McHale about it that year, as was accurately reported on Uniwatch. My beef, as I stated to McHale, was that if they weren't going to wear them, they needed to stop calling them "authentic" in the gift shop and drop the price. He didn't see it that way. Cool find on the video.
  3. A fun surprise to see myself quoted here in the forum! The Tigers did wear that jersey once -- and I believe just once.
  4. Native New Yorker -- Massapequa Park -- now living in Grand Rapids, Mich. I'll never stop rooting for the Mets, Isles, and Jets. University of Missouri School of Journalism alum, rooting for the Tigers!
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