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  1. is this new Orlando uniform leak??
  2. Simple and clean.
  3. Interesting Tweet from the Magic's newest player...
  4. Looks way too similar to FL Lottery
  5. Magic report the shorts will have the "iconic" star on them. I'll be interested to see what they look like.
  6. I'm just very confused how this is a "stars" uniform...without...stars.
  7. Sorry..I was on mobile. Circa 1987 or so....
  8. Original Orlando Magic logo concepts.
  9. Call me crazy, but I think I see a reflection of it in the top right corner of the front photo of the Miami Heat sponsor-ready Christmas jersey. But the mind sees what it wants to see.You are my HERO. I see them!
  10. Any leaks on the gray Magic jersey????
  11. No because by that logic, the nets should have one too (and jazz among a few other teams)Ahh, yes. I didn't study the manual very well. I'm highly biased towards Orlando. Clearly, they've made a mistake. A shame, the gold with blue/black surely looks sharp. I loved when they wore the O'Brien trophy during the finals.
  12. I agree. I miss the days of the simple snowflake surrounding the nba logo. Simple and definitive. But we all know it's about $$$.