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  1. the roundel logo reminds me of this one: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/76/Škoda_logo.svg
  2. JBPerry

    NBA courts

    just to let you know, for sacramento, it is power balance pavilion....you have 2 Ls
  3. i think the reason why the chargers stick with the helmet is because they share a season with San Diego State and it makes it easier to just change the helmet logo/color and the facemask color
  4. JBPerry

    All-City Logos

    dallas even though i don't see there being a lot to work with please!
  5. JBPerry

    Padres Concept

    i love this! i really do...u have actually solved what I always thought the problem was with SD's military uniforms......I understand not everyone can use it, but this is for a good cause......GREAT WORK! (coming from an active-duty Marine in Japan)
  6. Which NFL team do you follow? I am a Cowboys fan true and true.
  7. no matter what deal you have...all of ya'll have it easier......at least the game's on when ur at home.....the game is on while I am at work I am a Marine stationed in Okinawa, Japan......14 hours ahead of the states.
  8. reminds me of texas stadium, smu and cowboys stadium......none of them are actually in dallas, but yet you hear about them being referred to as in dallas....
  9. Dallas Skyline Raiders: Home: Away: Helmet: This is my alma mater, class of 2007.
  10. one problem: "The Rangers have the lineup capable of winning, but can they get enough pitching to compete in the American League East?" When did the Rangers start playing in the AL East? Please tell me this is one sick joke
  11. well they still have the metal framing, but they have replaced the star with a rangers logo.
  12. i am a Marine my self and nothing about that screams US Marines....for one our chevrons aren't that thick....i understand that ur trying to make an "M" but I'm sorry..it don't work
  13. Arlington Cowboys New Jersey Jets New Jersey Giants Orchard Park Bills Glendale Cardinals Anaheim Rams (1980-1994) Miami Gardens Dolphins At least the Pontiac Lions moved. -Dan Forgot the Foxborough Patriots Landover Redskins. Well they used to be the Raljon Redskins.....
  14. The problem with the Santa Clara stadium is it hasn't been approved yet and therefore, the US couldn't include it in its proposal, although I think that they can edit the proposal for the 2022 deadline once/if the stadium is approved. As it stands, Chicago's only viable stadium--Soldier Field--seats 5,500 less people than the lowest-capacity stadium in the bid (Lucas Oil Stadium at 66,000) and it seems to be sub-par venue, overall. As for the Bay Area, none of their stadiums with a high enough capacity could even be considered decent, let alone up to the standards of the world cup. However, I can agree with you about Qualcomm Stadium being at least as bad of a venue as the Oakland Coliseum. The same goes for the Cotton Bowl. I'm sorry....the cotton bowl despite it's age can no longer be considered a dump.....the stadium seats just over 92,000 and also has a video board.....it is not what it used to be.....no the cotton bowl game is not there anymore but that is because they put $$$ over tradition
  15. i would like to see dallas.... (ur probably gonna use the cowboys star for that one tho...right?)
  16. Not that I don't empathize with what you're saying, but unless the MARPAT pattern has actually been released for public use (I don't think that it has, but I may be wrong), we may not see any cammie-trimmed uniforms anytime soon. The Navy football team, however, actually did shout out the Marine Corps with their special jerseys last year by having the Navy anchor on one sleeve and the all-encompassing Marine emblem on the other, which I found quite cool. I have no idea whether or not that carried over into this season, however, as I have yet to see them. Of course...you always have the San Diego Padres camo alts...which they say is to honor the Marines, especially since there's so many in the area. Speaking of which...that post may be the first time I've ever seen a Marine actually use a number when writing that duty station. One thing I know about that place is that they're adamant about spelling Twentynine Palms all the way out...nobody told you that? Semper fi, my friend. no they actually have told us it doesn't matter which spelling we use
  17. not saying don't honor the army.....but why is it that when they do these military jerseys....they always have the army for the unveiling....i understand that the army, navy and air force are the 3 main service academies...but it's be nice to see a marine version too......yes i am a active duty marine currently stationed in 29 palms, california....i'm just saying....don't just stick with one branch.....honor them all
  18. yes...they do....not just in los angeles....they do it in san diego too
  19. they still have the crush there even though the afl is no more...good grief
  20. one more please....could you do my high school...we use the tx tech red raider logo(the red and black raider logo) and we are the Skyline Raiders
  21. texas rangers, dallas stars, cowboys, mavericks, oklahoma sooners, tcu frogs please
  22. Sam Bradford of OU, Andy Dalton of TCU, Pudge Rodriguez of the Texas Rangers and Mike Modano of the dallas stars (the texas outline logo) please! Size 1366 x 768