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  1. This jersey is out right beautiful. It is better than the current alternate, which is really nice. This jersey is truly perfect. It would make a great third jersey, even though i love the one they have now, this is up there with it. I was thinking, just to add to the idea, what if you replaced the black with the vintage brown, adding to the vintage bruin style. Kinda like this maybe...
  2. could someone figure out some different variations of my sig? I did it myself a few weeks ago but im not a big fan of it. also if you could change all of the colors to the boston bruins black n gold thatd be great. thanks.
  3. SpokedB

    New Signature

    Wow, PERFECTION. Thanks alot man.
  4. Cool Runnings - Jamaican National Bobsled Team Bring It On Cheerleaders - Rancho Carne High Toros/East Compton Clovers Brian's Song - Chicago Bears A League of Their Own - Rockford Peaches Remember The Titans - T.C. Williams High Titans
  5. I am in awe at the beauty of this scene.
  6. Great job on the Lightning, but you are right on the shoulder bolts. What about something like the Chargers have? An arched bolt along the shoulder or something would look great. Also, instead of the primary logo with the "Tampa Bay" clogging up the helmet logo, try using their alternate... I think that would look GREAT on a helmet. Also, for the sleeves, add the traditional blue, white, black stripe approach the 2006 jersey used, DONT FORGET THE UNDERARM STRIPES (one-of-a-kind in the NHL) and maybe the Tampay word mark above the number like most NFL teams are doing. Keep going! These things are GREAT!!
  7. SpokedB

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    A Boston Bruins? Actually, 3. One with Black Background and new spoked b logo. One With Bruins Gold Background and new spoked b logo and one with Black Background with the new shoulder patch "Boston" logo (bottom left) Thanks
  8. Actually, that looks about right. haha true true
  9. What is his number, 6 or 9? or 69?? Those are some confusing TV numbers!!!
  10. The Sandlot True American baseball jerseys were not jerseys at all.
  11. The Simpsons - Springfield Atoms The Simpsons - Pin Pals Bowling Squad The Mighty Ducks Cartoon Loony Toons - Bugs Baseball Space Jam - Monstars Space Jam - TuneSquad authentic jersey
  12. Some may argue over wrestling as a sport, I know it's fake and I dont even watch it, but who can deny that Hulk Hogan is one of the top athletes of our ages. He had 4 or 5 stints with the WWF/WWE over his career... WWF (1979-1980) WWF (1983-1993) WWF/WWE (2002-2003) "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan "Mr. America" hahahha WWE (2005-2007) (notice the gradual darkening of the skin tone)