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  1. Now they are popping up from another site....... paulbunyandesign. com. Really, didn't even mix up the "concept" much at all. Interesting to see who this fool really is and how he/she went about scamming so many people. Personally I still think he/she has created a number of accounts and is doing much of the posting/response himself. Most of the responses just seem to be way to canned for me.
  2. A graphic designer and all? Really? What in these pieces of elementary school work are worthy of being called a unique design created by an artistic mind? I am not a designer, but this crap makes me respect the hard work and abilities that others that are have.
  3. I am not a creator but an admitted user of the work some have offered here from time to time and am amazed at the audacity that some have and the total lack of respect for another's efforts and work. I commented on a number of the posts on google+ about the lack of effort it took to put those helmets together as well as noted that the site owner should verify that Fraser authorizes his use of the template for promoting his site and/or work. There were 5-6 posts and all had similar comments, the amazing, great work, etc. etc. Almost seemed to be the same person using multiple possible fake accounts to push the site. Did try to go to the site to see if I could leave a comment but it seems to be down.
  4. Yeah, they are all over google+ all of a sudden.
  5. I like the idea but for some reason when I see this some of it reminds me of the USFL. Similar logo concepts.
  6. Interesting. Maybe if the upper graphic were more representative of a Jet.
  7. Agree with the others feedback but also just don't personally think "Okies" would make for an NFL team.
  8. These showed up as a special spot/link on NFL.com. I just hope the creator gave the appropriate credit for the template.
  9. Prefer FOF7 from Solecismic.
  10. Is that a nice way of asking him if him if he plans on offering his template up?
  11. The wussification of America. We can't use the term Christmas, we can't uses crosses on monuments to honor those that died to give us our freedom, we don't want to keep score in sports for our young kids because we don't want them to feel bad about losing, we can't use certain terminology because it has suddenly become very PC to be upset by it. Yes the term Redskin at points in history was used in a negative fashion to describe a race of people but not 100% of the time. Will Snyder ultimately cave in to the pressure being imposed by external forces, yes. It's just a shame to have this happen when the name in this sport is associated with honor and a proud tradition. I'm a die hard Saints fan, what's next? The church finding fault with the term Saint being used? The question that needs to be asked is where does it end? After the Redskins change there name who is next? Don't fool yourself, there will be a next. I know this will create some form of response and it is not intended to generate any hostility. It is a rant from a very old man that has served his time in the military in service of his country, has witnessed the changes we as a people have gone through from the late '50's up until today and have agreed with the majority of them but have found myself completely frustrated with some. No disrespect but as for your work I must admit the military component does not fit. To me it appears you were trying to shoehorn in the Warrior component. I don't know if Warrior will be the final verdict but if nothing else can see them going back to the old school spear on their helmet which would remain within the history of the franchise and could fit in with being a Warrior.
  12. Appreciate what your doing. One small piece of C&C. The facemask on the rear helmet view is off. It's obvious you used the face on view and added the back of the helmet. Other then that, love the template, looking forward to what's next.
  13. Appreciate your accomplishment.... these look good. Can I ask what program your using and if it by chance is photoshop how you were able to create the effect? Thanks