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  1. It would be great if you share your templates. The former one that was just a promise and never happened, and this one -which is also great-. If all you want is to show us that you are the greatest photoshop and Cinema 4D guru, you have accomplished that, no problem, but again, It would be great if you share your templates with common people like me, just good enough in photoshop. Cheers. Solovino..... chill son! Should he want to post it for the likes of you to use then he would. Just because he spent his time, sweat and effort in creating this doesn't mean you or anyone else here are entitled to it. How about trying to play the respect card instead of the demand card..... you may be surprised how far it will take you.
  2. A few I did for an FOF league sometime ago:
  3. Logo angles are off, should be rotated counter clockwise some.
  4. If anyone figures out how to make these work (FD's latest two) in Photoshop 7 please let me know. Something gets lost in a couple of the layer groupings and I haven't figured out what prevents it from working.
  5. Threw this together quickly........... http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/8391/cobras2.png
  6. Fraser, go to the link and you will find links to facemasks from the 50's through the 80's. https://www.gridironmemories.com/shop/maskmenu.asp
  7. needs work but posting as a sample..........
  8. Like the Dome in the background....... welcome to the TFL Hoosier!
  9. Would love to add the various masks to your earlier template offerings Fraser, if possible. Do appreciate all of your effort and having the masks available will round out the package you have made available.
  10. I am using 7 and its fine. Also trying to learn Inkscape to use them there but haven't progressed far enough yet.
  11. On a scale of 1-10 Davidson I rate myself a 5 using PS7. That being said I would not mind helping where I can and offer my services. I have been using your templates and created mutliple additional layers to provide various color combinations so I at least am comfortable to that level, with a willingness to gain much more experience.
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