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  1. This are the type of concepts I like the most: remembering the past w/ a modern touch. Great job.
  2. These are solid. What do Voltigeurs mean BTW? I assume it's a French term.
  3. I enjoy the wordmarks and logo set. But on the alts, IMO the logo doesn't fit on the front. I'd still prefer plain HOUSTON or HOU. And the court is rockin'. No corporate logos on courts though.
  4. That's a collage of helmets! I'm quite confused, maybe arrange it alphabetically or by tournament.
  5. This is one hell of a concept (or shall I say heaven). But IMO, the flag must be attached to a pole w/ a rounded end and not on a pointed weapon itself. Maybe just shape the tip to a circle and it would be fine.
  6. That famous 'O' was the best I've seen in political campaigns, why not use them in a sports uniform. That thing there is too simple and banal.
  7. I agree with this. When I saw the logos first, it ran into my mind that the AS10 jersey may have that spotlight illusion. Great work on the first one. But I find the second try a bit busy because of that 4 stripes.
  8. Flame me if you wish, but this is my new favorite logo of all time. Favorite name of all time! That's quite funny but cool. Cooler nickname: 'Chokes! ahaha.
  9. Awesome! But yeah, the one w/ a please if it's okay, but this is fine w/o the a.
  10. Can I get these w/ both sizes: cropped lakers wordmark and this group logo, if it's fine. I'm still certain which one to choose for my avatar. Thanks.
  11. You are the siggy king, buddy. These are cool. Is it okay if I request another sig w/ logos of persons in it. If yes, please make me a lakers primary, SC logo, kb, and lastly pacman. Thank you.
  12. Awesome. That W is perfectly done. Nice job.