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  1. On second thought, it looks a lot like Cochin, I'm almost 100% sure of it. Any thoughts on others that I can use in place of spending $40 on this?
  2. I still don't have one with the W (it's more like a Times W or a Tanglewood Tales W than a Garamond W), but I thought I might as well take another pass with this.
  3. Could be a number of different fonts. One might be Trajan I've been matching it against every serif-font I've got and I've found nothing. It seems to me that the C here is pretty distinctive. I also have some physical copy where there is a W which is pretty distinctive, too. Unfortunately I don't have access to a scanner here or anything.
  4. What's this one with the logo in the middle? http://www.deeplyrootedproductions.org/mai...newMainPage.jpg
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