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  1. It looks better on the field, than in pictures.The numbers to look a little clunky though.
  2. I was in Memphis in 2018 and went to a Suns / Grizzlies game. I saw someone wearing a Dragan Bender Suns jersey, who was statistically the worst player in the entire NBA, and likely still may be.
  3. Surprised that the Cardinals AAA team has not been mentioned. The old Louisville Redbirds were their team from 1984-1997 Then, when AAA expanded, the Cardinals wanted to be with the new team in Memphis, so the Memphis Redbirds were born. This was their original look: Later, they updated their wordmark, going to a script but keeping the single bird: Later, the Cardinals purchased the team and turned them into a Cardinals clone (Similar to their Palm Beach and Springfield affiliates): The Cardinals sold the team, and the franchise wanted a more "Memphis" themed look, but kept the colors and went to their current look (Which includes the amazing M as a music note as the alternate hat): As part of their current set, they wear these BEAUTIFUL powder blue alternates on Sunday, which they actually introduced BEFORE the Cardinals got their current powder blue set.
  4. Stay tuned...
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