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  1. Surprised that the Cardinals AAA team has not been mentioned. The old Louisville Redbirds were their team from 1984-1997


    Then, when AAA expanded, the Cardinals wanted to be with the new team in Memphis, so the Memphis Redbirds were born. This was their original look:spacer.png

    Later, they updated their wordmark, going to a script but keeping the single bird: spacer.png

    Later, the Cardinals purchased the team and turned them into a Cardinals clone (Similar to their Palm Beach and Springfield affiliates):



    The Cardinals sold the team, and the franchise wanted a more "Memphis" themed look, but kept the colors and went to their current look (Which includes the amazing M as a music note as the alternate hat):


    As part of their current set, they wear these BEAUTIFUL powder blue alternates on Sunday, which they actually introduced BEFORE the Cardinals got their current powder blue set.spacer.png

  2. 5 hours ago, FinsUp1214 said:


    We have a winner. 


    I'm not familiar quite yet with what to expect as far as alternates are concerned with Nike, but could Phoenix wear '68 throwbacks? That'd be sweet. 

    Stay tuned...

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