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  1. Anybody know the number font on Auburn's unis?
  2. Big Noodle Titling Is Big Noodle Tilting the font the Cleveland Cavaliers use on their jerseys? It looks almost exactly the same, just wondering if it's 100% correct.
  3. These are awesome. Long order here, could I get... Indianapolis Colts blue #76 Throwback Dallas Mavericks #15 Dirk Nowitzki blue with NBA Finals patch Miami Heat white #7 Suns grey "PHX RISING" alt #24 2001 Dbacks
  4. Thanks everyone for the feedback! Since most of you didn't hate the first edition, I've kept it the same but added some side piping on the home and away unis. As fair warning, I lack lots of creativity when it comes to side piping. New ideas are welcome... Here's what I whipped up... Home: Away: I wanted to use a star on the side because of the nod to the state of Texas in my set, with "Dallas" on the front and using Texas on the belt. I wanted a modern look, so I went with a stripe that fades out. I hate uniforms with big striping all the way down the sides, so I stopped it midway. For the alternate, to the displeasure of many of you, and Dirk Nowitzki himself, the sleeves are here to stay. I like the sleeves, and so does Adidas. Alt: New to the set is a silver alternate. I wasn't sure, and neither were some of you, about having "Dallas" on every uniform. Alt 2: As for the logo, I fixed the K in Mavericks and I think it looks better. I realize it is very minimal, just "Dallas Mavericks" in centered text, but it is a nod to the Mavs' throwback primary logo. Logo: Let me know what you guys think of the updated set.
  5. !!!!SEE UPDATED VERSION HERE!!!! I tried to do a Mavs concept in the past, but it wasn't my best work. After some new ideas and reconsideration, I think I've finally got it. For this concept, I'm bringing back green, a Mavs original color. I did a simple recolor of their current logo, because I think it is a good looking logo that looks even better with my colors. I decided to whip up a new alternate logo featuring the state of Texas outline. I think the three Texas NBA teams really fail to put out a brand that says "Texas". Unless they've made an agreement to not use the Texas outline, I think this logo would be a fan favorite. Because Texans seem to love being from Texas more than anything. As for the uniforms, I kept them pretty plain for the most part. Home: Road: I took inspiration from the Mavs skyline alternate coming out next year to make my alternate. Alt: I'm not really sure if I like the fact that there is no uniform that says "Mavericks" on the front, but Dallas is a big market and marketing "Dallas" over "Mavericks" might be a smart move. I may introduce a sleeved silver uniform with "Mavs" on the front. Let me know what you think! Feel free to compare them to my previous try.
  6. Didn't they use gold for some of the ASG stuff this year? Perhaps they're incorporating it that way.
  7. Anybody know the "Opening Series" font?
  8. That's what I was thinking he meant. Interesting idea to say the least...
  9. Then I figured I might as well go all out and break the mold for this one. A very non-conventional stripe to act as the mohawk part of the logo, but it doesn't look too terrible. Thoughts?
  10. I thought this looked a little bit awkward, as the stripe acting as the mohawk part of the helmet (for lack of the actual name for that thingy) was far bigger than the logo.
  11. I just hatched a good idea for a Michigan State football helmet concept while watching them a few minutes ago... The way that their current helmet is, the stripe is supposed (I think) to be the top mohawk (no idea what it's called) part of the spartan helmet in their logo. I like that idea a lot, and I think there is lots of potential there, instead of just putting the logo on the helmets along with that stripe. The current MSU helmet looks like this, if anybody needs reference. So I've blended their logo into their helmet stripe, and it turned out something like this. This is just a quick mockup just to get my idea out of my head. If anyone likes this idea and wants to run with it, feel free to post some better quality concepts of this idea here.
  12. Still desperately searching for these fonts... and Anybody know these ones or have them in .ttf?