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  1. Anybody know the number font on Auburn's unis?
  2. Big Noodle Titling Is Big Noodle Tilting the font the Cleveland Cavaliers use on their jerseys? It looks almost exactly the same, just wondering if it's 100% correct.
  3. Anybody know the "Opening Series" font?
  4. Still desperately searching for these fonts... and Anybody know these ones or have them in .ttf?
  5. Still trying to find the Suns old font... anybody know it or have it who can help me out?
  6. Saw this same font on a "Swift" semi-truck so it can't be custom... Anybody know it?
  7. That WMU logo is pretty nifty! I love the modern adaptation and the improv with the current logo for the head. Just awesome. Really cool to see you bring these classic logos to life - or at least the modern era! Great work.
  8. This is impressive work. How about this Western Michigan logo, if you need some more to feed your addiction!
  9. Wondering the font used in the numbers here... This is my Diamond Dynasty team on MLB 12 The Show. I'd love to make myself a player t-shirt, but need to get my hands on the number set. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yeah, it's pretty close, I think it'll work. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know what font the NCAA uses, or anything remotely similar? Thanks.
  12. I'm trying to understand this... Why is it that for the Nike Basketball wordmarks, half of the alphabet has an outline on it and the other half doesn't? This isn't a sarcastic question; I'm genuinely curious.
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