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  1. As awesome as a return of the Cornwall Aces would be, the Cornwall Civic Complex is a shoddy place to watch a hockey game. It seats 4000 but they have trouble attracting 1000 fans to Cornwall Colts Jr. A hockey. It'll be interesting to see how the new Cornwall River Kings (LNAH) do in terms of fan support. As a city, Cornwall would be lucky to even see OHL caliber hockey again, despite being larger than two other OHL cities (Owen Sound, Belleville). Back on topic, those Hershey Bears jerseys and logo set is beyond brilliant. All of the attention is being directed towards the chocolate brown, but has anybody noticed that the off-white/cream colour looks like white chocolate? I agree with the side piping taking away from the look, and I also would like to see a diagonally lettered "HERSHEY" as an alternate as well. Overall, excellent execution of a tastefully modern looking logoset and uniform for a team with such a long history.
  2. New West Ham home kit. I like the blue collar because it makes it look like it isn't a copy of Villa's. It also looks like they killed the checkerboard pattern from the 2009/10 kit.
  3. - Albany Devils - Bad. I see what they're going with, but the River Rats logo was/is a minor league classic and should've been kept. - Charlotte Checkers - Kinda surprised they didn't go with an automotive theme considering Charlotte's NASCAR connection. - Syracuse Crunch - Ducks' colours work really well with the logo. - Oklahoma City Barons - I've noticed that there is a lot of love for the logo, but I think the gray highlighting in the Barons and OKC wordmarks is way overdone. The nickname works though because of OKC's oil industry and that their parent team is the Edmonton Oilers. - Bridgeport Sound Tigers - That orange is so bright it almost looks red. Great logo as long as you're wearing sunglasses. - Worcester Sharks - Painting it on the ice and displaying the graphic on print and online won't be a problem, but how in the blue hell are they going to reproduce those gradients with a needle and thread for a patch?
  4. I don't care what anybody says, those lime green jerseys are awesome. I just wish the lettering on the back had a navy outline like the numbers.
  5. Looks like they designed the star and All Star Classic banner and just slapped the AHL 2010 lettering and Portland Pirates logo. This logo can easily be used every year by different teams, which isn't a good thing.
  6. Maybe it's just my eyes, but the top of the + looks like it's a little shorter than the bottom. If it is then I'd make all four points the same length and width. If not then I'll make an appointment to see my local eye doctor.
  7. Kinda boring, don't like the DRAFT typeface but I like how the stripe pattern matches the Habs' jerseys.
  8. I never thought a classic, timeless look could be updated like this. If the Blackhawks were to ever change this update is tastefully done, captures the name and identity of the team, honours its history by not going overboard, and comes together as a stunningly beautiful package.
  9. I don't know a whole lot about basketball or the significance of this event, but the fact that a team played one final regular season game in their old arena with a throwback court and uniforms is really, really cool. I hope that this catches on and other teams in other sports do the same thing.
  10. The LA Lakers and LA Kings shared purple/gold, then the LA Kings and LA Raiders shared black/silver. I think Pittsburgh is the only city in Canada or the USA that has all four of their major sports teams with the same black, white and yellow/gold scheme.
  11. Two comments. 1. Nice work on the burger joint logo. I like the retro look and how you used the colours because of the association with the University. To me each colour, typeface and even the name of the business/team should have meaning and a reason why you chose them and I think you did that. 2. The hamburger puns in this thread are quite clever. Props.
  12. Significant improvement over what they have now. The current Revolution logo looks good but it doesn't look like a soccer logo. What you've done captures the name "New England Revolution" beautifully and looks like a soccer logo too. Nice work.
  13. Totally agree with Throwback. When you said "slash marks" I hesitantly clicked out of curiousity and prepared for the worst. To my surprise the concept doesn't look ugly and in fact I like it quite a bit. You incorporated the slash marks wonderfully without going overboard or making the jersey look like a minor league team. I like how you used a modern typeface without going overboard. The traditional block typeface seen on many jerseys just wouldn't work here. Again you didn't make the team look like a minor league team. Away - Spot on perfect and I would buy one in a heartbeat. Don't change a thing. You used red and navy evenly while keeping yellow as an accent colour like it should be. Home - I love how you used red because I don't like the current navy primary. Unfortunately you used so much red that I think it looks a little too plain. Play around with it by adding different combinations of navy and yellow to the sleeves, side panels and shoulder yoke. Keep the slashes the same so that they're consistent with the Away. Criticisms aside, I will go on record as saying this is my favourite Florida Panthers concept I've seen on CCSLC. Awesome job.