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  1. Why not? The FO says they did 2 years of market research on it. Are we not to believe their word because it's inconvenient for a subset of people who believed otherwise? Anyway sorry if I seem like I'm pushing this so much. I just get so tired of hearing, particularly on this board, that the Padres "need to" or "should be going" back to brown more often than not from people who aren't Padres fans and that anything else would be a "mistake." Particularly from people that wouldn't have to live with the brown. It was very nice to finally hear that some market research backs up the idea that Padres fans as a whole don't want brown back. That had been what I'd seen anecdotal and it's nice to see something other than an anecdote back that up. Agreed. For the sake of color diversity in MLB, I'd love to see a brown team. But I'm a little hesitant for it to be MY team.
  2. A few thoughts as a Padres fan: 1) I don't hate the new look, but I have a hard time envisioning the team wearing it for the next 15+ years. The home script with the odd looking outline is the worst part in my opinion. The blue alternate is my favorite, though I wish it had the Friar logo on the sleeve. 2) I'd be open to brown and gold if it were done correctly, but with MUCH due respect to the many talented concept-creators here, I haven't seen it done correctly. I think to pull it off the brown would have to be featured much more prominently than the yellow. As others have stated here, I also think a brown and sky blue scheme could be beautiful.
  3. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned here, but the Padres have not as of yet worn the camo jerseys for every Sunday home game. They have had four Sunday home games thus far, and have only worn the camos on April 6th (accompanying the camoflauge floppy hats that were given out), and May 25th (the day before Memorial Day - a scheduled off-day for the club). It seems as if the team came to the senses, and will only bring them out for national holidays like they have in the past.
  4. you took the padres' best jersey, their alternate, and banished it to a bp jersey and removed the collar and sleeve striping that made it so cool. also, i think having the friar on every jersey is overkill, and the padres definitely don't need more pinstripes. also, this more of a matter of personal preference, since most people on this board hate them, but the blue cap with the white SD is a perfect baseball cap. if you look at both of them right next to each other, the white logo just looks cleaner and classier and better. in no way do i want to see it removed. also the 1998 nl champs did not wear the pinstripes as often is believed, and effectively elimnated them the next season.
  5. either the reds or bengals would have a hard time giving up their colors.
  6. i wasn't digging the fireball logo either. i found this website on my school's official logo. so i took that, recolored the blue a little bit (the blue we use for sports really isn't that light), and came up with this helmet. so is this better? worse? is the gray ok? feedback would be great. and i'm working on the other things mentioned in this thread as well. thanks to everyone who responded.
  7. here's a concept that i've developed for my high school's football team. i did all these in paint, and some things (specifically the helmet logo), could use some cleaning up, but i thought i'd post this and get some feedback.
  8. i have this concept that i'd like to post but whenever i load it into photobucket from paint (paint, yeah ) it resizes the image and makes it too small to tell what's going on. i know there's a way around this but for the life of me i can't figure out what it is. can anyone help?
  9. So you want to take away San Diego's beloved football team but give them a basketball team that already skipped town once?
  10. I used their current logo and color scheme: HOME ROAD ALT BP C & C would be greatly appreciated.
  11. The White Sox's AAA team is the Charlotte Knights, and I think that's the best name.
  12. it's supposed to say titans. i don't think it came out very well when it was resized, though.
  13. comments, criticisms, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.