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  1. Wow! Looks great! I would suggest making the blue a bit more electric rather than just Carolina blue. I would personally eliminate silver just so they would have an entirely unique color scheme. While FD made a masterful rendering, personally I think your logo would be a better choice should the organization update. But really, huge improvement over the current logo!
  2. Yeah. I think Infared is probably the most self-deprecating fan ever when it comes to the Buckeyes and Browns. Perhaps justifiably so with the Browns.
  3. Hey, come on man. I certainly don't think that this concept and his are any more similar than, say, two Detroit Lions concepts without black. It's certainly not that groundbreaking of an idea, and the concepts themselves are very different. This has potential, but I'd like to echo what FD said. It just lacks a sort of cohesiveness. Think about what you're trying to convey with the shapes of the face. I'd also like to say that it seems that you are using a lot of nodes in your lines. I've found that by minimizing the nodes and letting the curves do the work, as FD said in either the Panthers or Lions logo thread, leads to a much stronger logo. Right now there are several instances where it simply looks awkward where lines have abrupt stops and diversions in curvature.
  4. rentz

    Action Templates

    I've made a new action template I've been using it in the Nike NFL thread some, but I figured I'd post it for some C+C. This was based off of a Nike Pro-Combat photo, which I found incredibly helpful due to the high resolution and excellent poses. The player is flat black because I wanted the focus to be the uniform. This template works a bit better because it doesn't obscure the numbers. The helmet is andrewharrington's, I just removed the stroke and shading to make it fit more with the aesthetic of my template. Here's a generic view of my template. I still need to work on it to optimize it for use, but if anyone wants it I'll send it to you as soon as possible. C+C welcome.
  5. Just one set this time, and though everyone here hates black monochrome, I think in this instance it's excusable. In my mind the sword pants-stripe would only be on one side of the pants, which may be asymmetrical but I think it would look pretty cool.
  6. I like the Jets, and the Jets striping is a nice touch. The Texans look pretty good. I don't think a helmet with a star would fly in the NFL outside of Dallas, but this looks alright. The bull's head appears to be backwards on the sleeves. My suggestion would be to wrap around the red inner stripe on the pants around the back with the white stripe, because there is just a blue gap there. I would also make sure your collar colors are consistent. Very nice concepts!
  7. The black certainly looks pretty cool; however you appear to be using it with charcoal and silver. With three dark-grayish colors the uniform would probably be muddled and the numbers a bit illegible. I would probably add some white in this case. Also, I love the hurricane flag stripes. I would love to see a concept with that in green and orange. These last couple of concepts have been great, especially by someone new to the forums. From a Noles fan, welcome to the boards!
  8. I'll post another one... I was thinking about making another topic but there is such an abundance of Nike Football concepts right now I didn't want to clutter. The New England Patriots Obviously the most radical part of this is the helmet, which I made for an earlier concept but I think it fits with the Pro Combat uniforms, TCU's helmet for example. The pants stripes are an allusion the tricornered hat/flag of Flying Elvis. I believe Bucco made a concept with a similar stripe once. The collars and cuffs have sublimated stars on them. C+C welcome.
  9. Before the BCS system was set up, the winner of the Big Ten went to the Rose Bowl against the Pac-10 champ. It didn't matter who else was undefeated or what the rankings were, the champions of the Pac-10 and Big Ten played every year. Back on topic, I really like the royal blue over the darker blue they have now. BYU has a very classic look that is simple but looks great. I think they have one of the better uniforms in the nation. I know the Rose Bowl was where the Big Ten and Pac 10 champs played, I was just saying that it was an instance where the current system would have given us the right matchup for the "national championship". And I agree with the royal blue being an upgrade to the navy.
  10. Very nice, but I feel the light purple and light silver is unnecessary.
  11. It seems that Mizzou used a different uni than what was revealed. The sleeves don't have the yellow stripe in them and are all yellow. The helmet seems a lot lighter, too, though I guess it's the lighting.
  12. Yeah, I hate the BCS too, but really the previous system did nothing to determine the true national champion. What has happened now in the last decade with the advent of the BCS and the promulgation of ESPN is that people are much more concerned with who is the best team. The system hasn't really changed the problem, it has just made a much more accessible target because it actually claims one of the games is the national championship. I'd like to add that in the final year before the BCS, somehow Nebraska and Michigan both went undefeated and did not play against each other in a bowl game. If these two teams (with their fan bases) went undefeated, the BCS would be jumping at the opportunity to have them play for the national championship. I wonder, however, if Utah would be considered National champions if the previous season had happened in 1985, as they were the only undefeated team.
  13. ACC football was an embarassment yesterday... It's a good thing Boise State will probably get a BCS bid because of Oklahoma State's shenanigans, because otherwise we'd be looking at the prospect of a mediocre Georgia Tech or Clemson team in the BCS while Boise State watches at home... It would be a shame if the BCS pits TCU against the ACC winner, since it probably wouldn't be even close (Though Clemson did play well against TCU earlier in the year, that was at home and TCU seems to have become unstoppable at this point). The only ACC team that, to me, seems borderline-BCS worthy is Virginia Tech. And it would appear that, after the losses by GT, Pitt and OK State, that they will move up quite a bit, maybe even to the top 10, and certainly be the highest ranked ACC team. Also, how weird is it that there are six undefeated teams and no teams with one loss?
  14. I think if you got rid of the head on the seahawk but kept the stripes on the pants it would look great. The stripe is suitable already as an allusion to the logo. You could also make it come to a point along the stitching at the end which would look like a beak. For both of these, try a bit more with the jerseys. You have interesting pants designs but the jerseys are surprisingly minimalistic.
  15. A little off-topic... Why is it that original Revos are still pretty common in college, even with the Revo Speed being used, but hardly anyone wears a Schutt DNA? Have they been phased out for IONs completely? It's a shame, to me, because it was the best looking "new" helmet in my opinion.
  16. Haha no... I hate the undue hype that surrounds it. I also hate many of the fans, who probably did not attend the schools. The SEC is certainly not a bad conference. It has several good teams. It has just been made by the media into something much bigger than it is. That being said I realize I've had a couple of haterish rants against the SEC haha.
  17. To see complete and utter stupidity of the purest kind... Go to the comments of the Auburn-Alabama game on ESPN and watch blithering SEC proles ramble about "ROLL TIDE!!!" and "TCU hasnt played any1 ranked" and "CINCINATI SUXS".
  18. Can we once and for all put to rest the notion that somehow the SEC is by far the best conference? They have two great teams, Florida and Alabama. The rest are simply mediocre. The concept that in-conference losses can be excused because they are so tough a conference is invalidated when they simply don't play anyone out of conference to prove they are such a great conference. I know, Bama-VT, but that is possibly the only exception, and their other three OOC opponents are perennial powers FIU, North Texas and Chattanooga. Some out of conference schedules for SEC teams: Memphis, Southeastern Louisiana, UAB, NAU (hi spammy) Miami (Ohio), Louisville, Louisiana Monroe, Eastern Kentucky Washington, Louisiana Lafayette, Tulane, Louisiana Tech Charleston Southern, Troy, FIU, Florida State (it is with great shame that I place the Noles here as an example of a mediocre OOC opponent.) So obviously, the strawman argument that the SEC plays weak out of conference schedules because their conference is so astronomically better than every one elses, because they have nothing that proves that and thus undermines the whole argument. The perception is fueled by ESPN, who just want to show Vanderbilt-Mississippi State and claim it is a great defensive classic between two SEC schools It's just infuriating.
  19. Sorry man, I'm all for constructive criticism, but I don't think that calling these designs a "bowl of fail" helps anyone. I should have known not to make a broad statement about the Dan Fouts uniforms, particularly in this place. I was born after the Dan Fouts era and as such only have pictures, not deeply entrenched memories as I'm sure many of you have. Most of the pictures I looked at seemed to be navy, but I suppose it's royal blue. To clarify: this concept started off as a reimagining of the previous uniforms of the Chargers, but then I thought the yellow pants and numbers (of the Dan Fouts era, and of Michigan as stated) looked great. To say that I wanted a Dan Fouts era feel was an assumption on my part that the colors of the uniforms were the same during the two eras. That being said, here's an update: Obviously the yellow has been turned down a bit. The yellow numbers and bolts now have an outline. I didn't originally have shoulder bolts (perhaps blasphemy for the Chargers!) because I wanted to put the bolts on the sleeve, because that was something that was done on several Pro Combat teams for college- integration of the sleeve into the design. With both it looked cluttered so I left the sleeves blank.
  20. The San Diego Chargers. I know everyone has a hard on for the powder blue, but I really like navy and yellow and wanted to give a kind of Dan Fouts era feel. The bolt on the jersey wraps around the back under the numbers. If anyone wants this template just ask.
  21. rentz

    My Nfl Concept

    I like the helmet. I did something similar in one of my patriots concepts. The jerseys and pants are very plain. Considering you've used the stars idea on the helmet, experiment with some American flag themed stripes. I'm not sure the number font works... try something closer to the calligraphy of the American Revolution, or just a standard block.