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  1. This is great. I think, however, that you don't need the two shades of red, as it doesn't add much to the design and the disparity between the colors is not that great... perhaps if you brightened the lighter red and darkened the darker red it would be better. I just think it looks a bit muddled.
  2. rentz

    The New USFL

    I don't normally because they can be kind of annoying, but I tried it here and at first glance it looked fine, however their were some abnormalities.
  3. rentz

    Just goofin' around

    That looks great! My only suggestion is, if you're keeping the font, make the brown stroke outside the font consistent, you have little recesses in the stroke at the bottom where the bottom of the letters are and I think it would look better if it were uniform... hopefully that makes sense. Great job!
  4. rentz

    The New USFL

    Thank you! It was driving me crazy trying to figure out what eagle logo this reminded me of... and while it has a similar layout as Southern Miss, it's different enough to justify it I think. I did try stars originally, but I was concerned as whatever I tried seemed to much like the Minnesota Wild. However I've tried again and think it looks pretty good... It seems my original path had some rogue nodes and outliers resulting in the weird inset path on the wordmark previously; I've tried to sort those out. Also, I agree about keeping the logo and wordmark separate; the styles are incongruous together and I think they look a lot better separate. I am working on the uniforms, they'll probably be posted tomorrow.
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    The New USFL

    Hello. So, apparently the USFL is getting a reboot next year. While it will probably be doomed to comical failure as is every other league that challenges the behemoth that is the NFL, I thought it would be interesting if the new league brought back some of the old identities. I think that some of the USFL's names and logos are great, and some are very much ahead of their time. However, some are also tragically underdeveloped. So I decided to start a mini project as I love the identities and wanted to try to create a brand for this new USFL. Keep in mind, the league was born ten years before I was, so I'm doing this strictly for design sake and have little knowledge of the actual history of the teams. Although it's only two years of history so it shouldn't really be a problem haha. First up is the Washington Federals. First, I changed the colors, from inexplicable green and black to navy and red. I feel that just fits a team named "Federals" so much better. The old logo is pretty cool but firmly entrenched in 80s design aesthetic. I wanted to keep the silhouette eagle and the general geometry of the logo, with the three "motion lines", so I consolidated them into one stylized eagle head. I know it looks like US Postal Service meets Iowa Hawkeyes, but I like it. I took out the star as it is arbitrary and seems only to be there to say "look, we're the Federals, we're patriotic". Here's the full primary with wordmark. The font is a modified version of the font used on dollar bills... ironic for a team in DC haha. However I think it gives a sort of patriotic vibe. All C+C appreciated. Uniforms coming soon.
  6. rentz

    Rhode Island Reds

    This is an upgrade; however, you've lost the sense of movement the other one had. Also, I think that you need to revisit the eye, and make it look more avian.
  7. As a resident 'noles fan, I feel inclined to comment on this... ... and sorry spammy, this one doesn't really work. You got rid of the best (IMO) helmet of football to a monogram. You also put the spear on the pants, which just looks goofy to tell the truth... you may want to try, as I've seen others do in Seminoles and Redskins concepts, to make a pant stripe that resembles a spear but is still a stripe, rather than a literal spear. I also can't say I'm a fan of the numbers. The socks really don't work. I'm not trying to be overly critical Spammy, in fact I'm more critical here than I would be just because it's FSU, but I don't really feel like this is an upgrade.
  8. Honestly, I'm not a fan. The logo needs work. You used Serpentine and Copperplate, which is frowned upon 'round these parts. And the fonts don't really fit the identity in my opinion. I feel like the crown and basketball aren't really integrated at all. I feel like the basketball seams (is that what they're called?) and the shading on the crown could be combined somehow. I kind of like the colors but feel like a darker purple would look better. Overall conceptually it's a good start, you just need to work on the presentation.
  9. I appreciate the "five minutes to midnight" reference on the Lebron Cavaliers; however, they got the hour and minute hand switched. Some of these might be funny if they were rendered well at all.
  10. Hello. I was inspired today by the topic Old with New in the Sports Logos section. I found that the Falcons' interesting vertical sleeve stripes worked surprisingly well with a vertical helmet stripe. So I tried to update the uniforms with greater integration of this principal. I also brought back silver. The striping is all consistent, black-silver-red-silver-black. I'm not posting this in my NFL topic because I try to completely overhaul the identity and logos in that series and this is essentially a tweak.
  11. I was intrigued by how the vertical sleeve stripes matched with the helmet stripes, so I threw this quick concept together. It contains entirely consistent striping-- Black-White-Red-White-Black.
  12. rentz

    Action Templates

    Another update... reworked the helmet along with some other minor adjustments.
  13. rentz

    Action Templates

    @Brave_Bird: Yeah, you're right about the helmet... I realize now my reference image was a bit distorted, so the proportions are a bit off. I'll try to fix them. I decided to try the visor like some suggested.
  14. The B on the Raven's head is backwards.
  15. rentz

    Action Templates

    Now featuring face:
  16. rentz

    Action Templates

    Yeah I'm going to add a head so he isn't so stormtrooper-esque. And yeah, it does look like the windows logo. Not intentional, I just like the shape and when the lines were all straight it began to look a little swastikaish. So it's kind of precautionary too haha.
  17. rentz

    CHL Redesign

    I think you need to make the bolts symmetrical on both sides, as the difference between the two creates a sense of unbalance. I would also make the bolts a color different from gray, as it is sort of indistinct and does not imply the motion or energy of lightning bolts. The purple you're using is so dark I can hardly tell it's not black, so you may want to make it a bit brighter. I would not recommend Plumber's Gothic here... to me, it gives a modern/industrial feel, whereas what you should be striving for here, in my opinion, is something conveying motion. I like where the Zeus logo is going... However, I feel like the gray and dark purple should be switched as the face looks kind of odd because it is so dark.
  18. rentz

    Action Templates

    Hello everyone! I was sick today and needed a project to occupy myself... I decided to try something I haven't done before in Inkscape, an action template. I realize I may be a bit late, as Fraser Davidson's photorealistic template seems to be the future, but this was pretty fun and I'm pretty proud of it. It is certainly a work in progress... He is headless, and the shading needs work, and I need to make the cleats into something more than a black shape. But here they are; if you guys want to use it I could release it. And I chose the most beautiful uniform in the world to model the template All C+C appreciated!
  19. Come on! I still have faith! EDIT: see, I told you haha
  20. This whole thing is kind of laughable... it's times like this that I feel compelled to remind everyone that this is a forum for discussing sports logos; the hostility is sometimes dumbfounding. I don't want to be a moderator wannabe, but if you have any qualms I would take it to private message rather than derail a topic as useful and demonstrative of the community we should strive for as this one.
  21. Tubby: I wholeheartedly agree about the second set. Some tweaks are needed, such as standardizing some of the stripes, but as a whole it looks beautiful and refreshingly free of navy. I can't say the same about monochrome aqua. Not a fan.
  22. yeah, I was wondering too.
  23. Can someone please give me a reason why USC is number 4 in the AP and coaches? It's utterly inconceivable to me. They should be behind TCU, Boise St, Oregon, Cincinnati, and Iowa, and maybe others.
  24. rentz

    My New Sigs

    It's a bit redundant having the logo appear twice (and sometimes three times). Try putting the secondary logo on the right instead of the same primary. And while you were quick to deny enlarging the images, it certainly appears as though you are. Try to start with large, high quality photos.