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  1. Seeing as the Atlantic 10 Conference has 14 teams and the Great West Conference has a team located in New Jersey, I think DI conference's have moved past trying to have accurate names.
  2. Saw highlights of Wayne Rooney's four goal performance against Hull City on ESPNNews. The commentator used some term for a four-goal effort I was unfamiliar with; does anybody know what the proper term for that is (i.e 3 goals= hat trick)?
  3. While I tend to agree with your statement; that is the same thing people said during the turn of the century when the World Series was created pitting the established NL vs. the upstart AL and again in the 60's when public opinion was the AFL was greatly inferior to the NFL.
  4. If the Atlantic 10 can have 14 teams and still be called as such, I am pretty sure the Big 10 will have no quoms keeping the name with 12 teams.
  5. yeah i loved those from the 'Makers...great opportunity for Oregon to make yet another piece of equipment. Let's not forget that Washington State did this as well (twice actually, in 98 and 03).
  6. Kind of off topic but does anybody remember the modified tiger hawk logo that Iowa's women's athletic teams used up until the mid-90s when they were technically separate from the men's athletic department?
  7. Odessa Permian of Friday Night Lights fame sports the white helmets and black jersey look, I think it looks great.
  8. I don't think Santo can match the homerism of Hawk Harrelson for the White Sox. He refers to the sox as the "good guys" and the opposition as the "bad guys", can't get much more homer than that. Idiots. Ron Santo and Hawk Harrelson are paid employees of the Cubs and White Sox, respectively. They're supposed to be homers. I understand they are employed by those teams but there is a difference between being pro fill-in-the-blank-team and being an unprofessional jackass.
  9. Hahahahahahaha. Thank you for this. But yes, Lou Holtz spends his air-time rambling on and on about things he thinks he knows but doesn't. There's no need for him on ESPN, except for the comedy. On the subject of homers, he's not on TV but on radio - Ron Santo. listen to a Cubs game and it won't take long. I don't think Santo can match the homerism of Hawk Harrelson for the White Sox. He refers to the sox as the "good guys" and the opposition as the "bad guys", can't get much more homer than that.
  10. Not to nitpick, but isn't Nashville still technically the only city using the names Predators and Titans since the Orlando Predators are defunct (unless they plan on playing in AF2 next season).
  11. Article yesterday about the UFL: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/football/2009-07-12-ufl_N.htm With no arena league around, there is a wealth of legit talent available for the league that should help its profile. People keep ragging on their decision to play in the fall but my question to them is why is the spring so much better? Is there any anecdotal evidence that spring leagues are better off. It's not like the USFL, XFL or Arena leagues are still around, they all played in spring. If you look at how college football on TV has developed it has gone from games only on Saturdays to games on Sat. and Thur to now where late in the season games are on virtually every day of the week and people tune in. My point with this is the UFL will supplement NFL during the week when no games are going on.
  12. Looks very similar to the Rockford Riverhawks (Frontier League) hawk-head logo.
  13. The Chicago Fire have most of their non-national TV games on local TV in the area.
  14. I think you are confusing the NBDL with the ABA.
  15. Scorekeepers around the nation will start hating the Hawkeyes with that black-on-black crap. For all the NCAA regulations, I am surprised that contrasting numbers has never been instituted as a rule.